Kharcho lamb

Kharcho lamb
 Kharcho soup came to us from the Caucasus. Several regions attribute to itself after its creation. Historians tend to believe the birthplace of North Georgia. However, what a difference. Especially kharcho for so long "settled" in the Russian cuisines.

If you decide to cook soup kharcho lamb should first choose the right meat. Practice shows that in such dishes on his choice depends half the battle. It is better to go to the market, in our shops has become a bad tradition that good mutton not buy. Black or bone, or a lot of fat. At the farmers market, pay attention to the meat of young animals. Age is easy to understand by the rib portions: lamb can not have wide seed.

For kharcho better to choose brisket. Of course, the meat should be the guy that is not defrosted a few times in order to issue a stale product for fresh. You can determine the freshness of lamb and fossa on the finger. Push - fresh meat in a few seconds to take an initial look.

So, lamb purchased. Wash it if necessary - chop. Place in a saucepan, cover with cold water. Water should not reach the edge of the pan very least - a quarter. Otherwise, when the put the remaining ingredients, have cast a delicious broth. As soon as the approach of the boiling - remove the foam. Do this as many times as necessary. 5-7 min. after the onset of boiling salt.

Prepare tomatoes 200-250 g per liter of water. Tomatoes need for kharcho dense, fleshy, "winter" vegetables should be taken only as a last resort. Ideally, if you buy a variety Bullish heart Pink Giant, etc. Skeptics believe that soup can not let the best tomatoes, explaining his point of view, the fact that they still seethe. They forget important that not only the soup thick, and saturated broth which pass flavor and nutrients.

For kharcho tomatoes must be free from skin and mince, add onion, garlic, fresh chilli pepper pod without seeds and herbs. In other words, should get a lot of home-like adjika. When the meat is cooked, disassemble it into pieces, put it back into the soup, pour tomato weight and add 35 g of washed rice per liter kharcho. Simmer for about an hour. If necessary - add the salt. Serve the soup, sprinkle with herbs.

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