What attracts tourists caravanning

What attracts tourists caravanning
 Caravanning - a tourist trip to motorhomes, caravans. You can call it a civilized form of informal individual tourism. The founders of this type of holiday is an American migrants crossing the continent in covered wagons. For our country, this is a new and interesting phenomenon, which will certainly appeal to fans of an active lifestyle.
 The philosophy of caravanning - freedom of movement. Tourists do not depend on the schedule of transport and the availability of beds in hotels. After motorhome - that place of residence and vehicle.

Traveling in a house, Caravanners not change their habitual way of life. In the trailer supports the usual standards of life support, only in a compact form. Classic small caravan can accommodate four people. With its relatively small size in the cabin has everything you need - a kitchen with gas stove and water tank, fridge, table, convertible into bed, independent heater, several closets and a bathroom.

In addition, this vehicle is perfectly adapted for the carriage of all kinds of sports equipment. You can bring your bikes, surf, skiing, and sometimes even motorcycles and ATVs.

Traveling in a house on wheels, for the tourists vacation can change a few places of residence, without having the problems associated with the rental of property. In today's world for the purpose of temporary accommodation are camping.

Element caravanning - territory outside of major cities. Megacities are alien to this type of tourism. He is there where there is a mixture of nature and culture - in historical cities, natural parks. Caravanning wherever there are normal roads. And if there are no roads, it is possible to reach the desired attractions brought by on a bicycle.

Caravanning allows you to choose the route, the duration of their trip. In addition, the house on wheels, you can significantly reduce your expenses for travel and accommodation. For caravanning need only desire, petrol and road. As well as driving skills of long vehicles.

He is well suited for lovers of family holidays, travel noisy companies. A variety of different purposes caravanning determined using a trailer: it can be outdoor recreation on weekends, parking at the campsite during the season, transit overnight stays, autotravel involving cognitive interest or active employment, temporary accommodation of guests and other options.

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