Time travel: Bahamas

Time travel: Bahamas
Bahamas - a true paradise on Earth. Tours there are not cheap, but given the opportunity to visit exotic locations. Relaxing in tropical tale is filled with bright impressions, the contemplation of natural beauty, fascinating excursions.
Bahamas - is located in the Caribbean archipelago of nearly 700 islands and thousands of coral reefs. Previously, it was a colony of Britain, and in 1973 when the country gained independence, it has been actively developing tourism. Today, The Bahamas - one of the best resorts in the Western Hemisphere.

Rest there all year round, because the average temperature in the winter - about + 23 C in the summer - about + 30 C. But the best time to travel - from November to May, when there is no rain.

The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, located on the island of New Providence. Here coexist luxury buildings from the time of colonialism and modern high-rise buildings. It is very interesting to walk through the streets, admiring the mix of architectural styles and watching the evolution of the city.

Be sure to walk to the highest points - Fort Finkastl and the Water Tower. Top offers a wonderful panorama view of Nassau and the picturesque harbor. Nearby is the famous Royal staircase with 66th stages. They are carved in limestone massif, over 16 years of construction worked about 500 slaves.

By the way, learn more about the history of slavery in the Bahamas can be in a museum of Pompeii. It is located in one of the old buildings. A little to the east stretches Straw Market. There are many original souvenirs, handicrafts, fruits, decorations. Artisans directly at you spletut charming straw hat, which will remind these places.

Also worth seeing in the capital of the amazing Royal Victoria Garden - Garden full of lush tropical plants. And visit the Silver Bay - the island where the complex is located Crystal Kay-Marine Park. This is a giant aquarium with swimming pool, artificial lagoon, an underwater observatory, transparent tunnel under the ocean thicker tridtsatimetrovoy observation tower. Best beaches of Nassau - luxurious Cable Beach.

Another place worth visiting - the island of Grand Bahama. Here coastline with white sand, excellent parks, mangrove swamp, a giant system of underwater caves - the largest in the world. It is also interesting to see the forest from the rare Cuban pine, visit the village Jack Ter - last lived here pirates.

Andros Island - a wild place, there is rarely carry tourists. But brave lovers of unspoiled nature, risked visit these places are shocked spectacle pristine forests. Aborigines claim that the arboretum live elves. Another wealth of the island - a huge barrier reef along the coast - a paradise for divers.

On the island of Eleuthera is a luxury resort with comfortable beach and infrastructure. So that every tourist will be able to choose a vacation in the Bahamas for the soul.

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