Rendezvous with Venice

Rendezvous with Venice
 There are cities that surprise hectic, and there are quiet and comfortable. There are those that affect the beauty and architecture, and those that cause confusion. Some city simply remain in the memory invisible picture, and another force to review photos. And there are places that can be sad and beautiful at the same time. Venice - the place that can fascinate and repel, but can not leave anyone indifferent.
 Venice - perhaps one of the romantic cities in the world. In it, as in all of Italy, you can plunge into the atmosphere of passion, love, beauty, and at the same time of sadness. If you arrive in Venice in May, you'll be amazed elegance of this city. A fall plunges you into nostalgia and peace. The most beautiful and bustling Venice happens in February, when, annual Venetian carnival. In addition to street performers take part in them and everyone can. Here you can hide your face behind the mask, which are sold at countless souvenir stalls. Merge with the crowd, watch the other, feed pigeons in Piazza San Marco, drink strong coffee in outdoor cafes.

Love this city gives the opportunity to please each other romance. Someone seems to be riding on a gondola kitsch and bad taste on horseback. Do not be hypocrites, since there is a chance to see the city from the water, sit together, embracing, sipping champagne and listening to Italian songs that softly humming gondolier. Venice only gives such pleasure. And can ride along the Grand Canal, but on a boat. You will discover the entire city center, which is not visible when you swam to the island from the mainland. And if you are in town for one day, you are unlikely to get around it all, despite the fact that he was tiny.

In Venice, easy to get lost, but wherever you go, you always go out to the waterfront. The narrow streets are often lured tourists storefronts, and there is easy to keep up with the group. So it makes sense to come to town on your own, if you want to stay here for a few days. And if you come to a group, take time for a walk without a guide. Remember all does not work, but you look exactly the places you want. You can never go on the pier and the Doge's Palace and still feel the city.

But the overall mood of romantic city should not deprive you of vigilance. Since there can be several thousand daily visitors, the entire budget of the city is on them. The city is very expensive cafe. Before ordering, read the menu. If you just want a snack, drinking a cup of coffee and a bun, place your order at the bar. Otherwise, your order will include the cost of service. Do not carry backpacks, they were not allowed into the churches, and they attract petty thieves.

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