New Year's trip to Amsterdam

New Year's trip to Amsterdam
 If you have not decided where to spend the New Year holidays, but are committed to at this time not to miss, and indulge in unrestrained merriment, then Amsterdam is waiting for you! In this beautiful city with interesting traditions for the holidays attracts people from all over the world to have fun, somewhere where, and only there will not be bored anyway.
 Netherlands - a country in which to celebrate the New Year, many Europeans go. Currently, this tradition became popular in Russia. More compatriots decide to evaluate the benefits of a New Year's trip to Amsterdam. All hotels are waiting at this time particularly large number of guests, but the quality of that service does not deteriorate. Everywhere you will be happy.

Dutch Santa Claus is called Sinter Klaas, also called Kerstmann. He arrives in Amsterdam, surrounded by his assistants, small negrityatami, followed in other places on the road presenting children. Together with Sinterklaas arrives Black Peter. All children are confident that Peter spank anyone who was naughty and badly behaved throughout the year.

Dutch consider themselves New Year family holiday. They invite close friends and relatives, preferring to celebrate all together, some spend New Year's Eve in a narrow family circle. But many restaurants and pubs in Amsterdam is also not empty - in each of them awaits interesting entertainment program and any special meal cooked specially. All entertainment venues are open till the early hours. When the clock strikes midnight, beginning a stunning grand fireworks and fireworks. Town Hall bell ringing, announcing the New Year.

Traditional New Year's feast, which is necessary to evaluate each guest Amsterdam, these cookies and waffles, sometimes they are made in the form of a Christmas wreath, various animals. Also, you should definitely try the drink "Slam", made with tea, milk and spices. This invigorating hot meal that will long be remembered.

Be sure to stroll through the ancient streets of Amsterdam, combining entertainment with cognitive tourism. It is a beautiful city that will bewitch you with its special appearance. A characteristic feature of the Dutch capital - photogenic. Photograph streets and houses of this city, one another landmark in the background, and you can be pretty sure that you will get great pictures.

Amsterdam - a city where you can spend the most noisy New Year in Europe. Here reigns unrestrained fun, that's why the Dutch capital is known worldwide for its liberal mores. Musicians play in the streets, squares organize various shows.

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