Izmir - Turkey undiscovered jewel

Izmir - Turkey undiscovered jewel
 Izmir is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean. It is the third most populated city in Turkey and the second largest port after Istanbul State. But above all, this city is interesting for its history. It visited the Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius and Alexander the Great. In addition, historians believe that it was here was born Greek poet Homer.
 Izmir is located on the east coast of the Aegean Sea, in the Asian part of Turkey. The city is located at the base of a long Izmir Bay, whose waters plow yachts and ships. The climate here is typical for the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Summer in Izmir dry and cool as the heat softens the constantly blowing from the sea breeze. Winter is rainy and cool. It is surrounded by mountainous hills that protects it from strong winds. Izmir is in the high seismic activity. In the past, major earthquakes have repeatedly destroyed almost to the base of the city, but he quickly rose from ruin to become even more magnificent.

Streets Izmir buried in palm groves and flowers. Highways are in excellent condition and almost empty, unlike the clogged streets of Istanbul. On every street sign marked only two directions - in Ankara and Istanbul - both cities are from Izmir in six hours away. This place can be called an undiscovered gem of Turkey. Among the guests who come to this country, the most popular other cities. However, Izmir has a great potential for tourism development. Holidays are interesting for everyone: for young people, and for people aged, and children.

This comfortable city in an interesting way mixed ancient buildings, modern buildings and historical monuments that testify to its rich cultural heritage. In the city and its surroundings tourists can see the ruins of numerous architectural monuments of Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods. Many tourists like to rest in a park where there parachute tower, a small lake, two theaters, restaurants, tea gardens. In this park you can swim in the indoor pool, jog or play on the tennis court.

One of the busiest places in Izmir considered Kemeraltı market, which was built in the 16th century. "Heart" of the city beats at Konak Square, where there are dozens of boat moorings, bus stops, cultural centers, office buildings, mosques. In addition, the square stands the 25-meter clock tower in the Moorish style, which is considered a symbol of the city. It was built by Sultan Abdulahmidom a gift Izmir. Attached to this area of ​​trade blocks are always very crowded. Street vendors offer original antique handmade and unusual jewelry. Not far from the square is the archaeological museum where the statues of Poseidon and Demeter.

Best time to travel to Izmir depends primarily on what leisure travelers liking. Lovers of leisurely walks with staring at the sights is to go to the city during the period from March to November. Wanting to soak up the beach waiting for Izmir from June to September.

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