Holidays in Greece

Holidays in Greece
 Tell that Greece has a rich history, it is meaningless. On the 5th grade when the school begins the study of history, it begins precisely with Greece. And she is so interesting that visit the shores of Greece wants to since childhood. Russia and the Balkan Peninsula combines a lot. Orthodoxy came to Russia in 1000 years ago, was taken from the Byzantine Greece.

It seems that every stone here quietly tells his story. Whatever plans you may build, but be sure to take a sightseeing couple of days. Take a trip to Crete to see the monuments dating back to the 10-8 century BC - the so-called Minoan civilization. There you will see the frescoes on the walls of the palace mythical King Minos, look in the Maze of the Minotaur. In Athens, do not forget to visit the Acropolis, look at the Delphic Oracle. However, only the knowledge of the history of the area should not be limited. Ask your guide what national holidays are celebrated during your visit. Maybe you're lucky and you will be taken to a national festival.

Spend all their free time in Greece, examining its rich sights, it is not necessary. In this country can and should enjoy all: the wine and the sea, heat and food, socializing with the natives, peace and joy. This should be done at the same time. The only way you can understand all the local flavor to the maximum.

If you go there with the sole purpose to relax on the beach, then keep in mind that the climate in Greece is Mediterranean, which means that there summer is dry and hot, and winters are rainy and cool. The hottest period - this is the end of the summer, so in August to go there to get a tan is not worth it. The temperature is kept at 40C, that the average Russian is very hard to endure. On the islands even hotter, but on the coast climate is softened with fresh sea breezes. No private beaches, but will have to rent additional equipment for an additional fee.

But not only history buffs or Mediterranean sun in Greece will find what they seek. You can go shopping. Note the knitwear, leather and jewelry. In this country produces high quality jewelry, embroidery, lace and souvenirs. The whole world country is famous for its ceramics.
Travel industry in Greece is very well developed, so to find a hotel can afford any of them. No matter how many stars it may, the hotel will always offer the service, strict compliance with European standards.

No matter what you choose - shopping tour, sightseeing or a beach holiday, you are in any way fun to spend time, not a minute wasted.

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