German weekend in Berlin

German weekend in Berlin
 Sometimes it is not possible to allocate a month or even a week for recreation and leisure trip. In this case, you can organize yourself interesting tour for the weekend. A good option for people in Russia can become Berlin - it is conveniently located to transport point of view, especially for the residents of the European part of Russia.
 For two days in Berlin, you can visit many interesting places. But it is advisable to pre-compose a program stay. You can contact the travel agency, but much more interesting to plan a trip yourself. And even if you do not speak German, it would not be a serious problem. A significant part of the Germans, and the vast majority of those who work with tourists speak English. Therefore, you will only have knowledge of the language at a conversational level, and will not prevent the German-Russian phrase book, just in case.

Start planning a trip to the organizational and domestic stages. Find and book a hotel through the Internet can be. In Berlin, a great number of hotels of various levels, from five star luxury to hostels - youth hostels with the cost of living is 20 euro per day. Hotel reservation, print and save - it will come in handy when applying for a visa.

Fly to Berlin can not only through Moscow. In some cities, for example, in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and others, there are direct flights to Germany. But keep in mind that the cost of this trip can be higher than with a change in the Moscow airport.

After that, apply for a visa at the German consulate. To obtain such a document, you will need to demonstrate their financial viability by a certificate of employment or bank statements. Also need a travel insurance - it can be purchased in any insurance company.

Settle all formalities, plan your stay in the German capital. If you are interested in history or art, you will appreciate the large number of museums in the city. Do not attempt to bypass them all in one weekend - you are tired and do not get proper pleasure. It is best to choose one or two, but to view them quietly, stopping at the most interesting exhibits. Art-lovers of the XIX century it may be advisable to visit the Old National Gallery. History lovers interested in the Egyptian Museum with its unique collection of papyri. Also, you can honor the memory of Soviet soldiers killed in the battle for Berlin, visiting the memorial to the east of the city.

Lovers of architecture will appreciate the Berlin Cathedral, built in the late XIX century. Also, it is desirable to at least see these symbols of Berlin as the Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column.

Spend a bit of time just walking through the old part of the city. So you better be able to understand its atmosphere.

Do not forget about the gastronomic part of the trip. When you visit a local restaurant, try freshly brewed beer and assorted sausages. Classic garnish them can serve sauerkraut or cold potato salad. Pay attention to the cakes. You will enjoy traditional pretzels - bagels with coarse salt. Also in Germany exclusively bake tasty apple pie served with vanilla sauce or ice cream.

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