Family weekend: a trip to another city

Family weekend: a trip to another city
 Escape from worries can not just leave. Little trip over the weekend - a great way to relax and be with his family. Among the advantages of this holiday - the spontaneity and low costs.

Time for adventure have at any age. After all, memories - the only thing that will remain with us forever. So is it worth spending the weekend at the shops and cleaning the apartment? May need to drop everything and go away for a couple of days for new experiences. Such trips do not require thorough preparation, if you want to go into town or Russian near abroad. End point should be chosen in the transport accessibility - no more than 2 hours on a plane, 8 hours - by car or 12 - on the train. The road should not be a tedious, after a long trip needs rest, and you have no time to waste.

You can go into town with a rich history and go to museums. And you can - choose a secluded area with beautiful nature and enjoy walks. Someone like that. If you are traveling with children must take into account their interests. In order not to lose time searching for hotels, room better book in advance. Especially in high season, holidays and weekends find availability difficult. In the popular tourist cities (St. Petersburg, Kiev), you can rent an apartment for a couple of days. This option is suitable for families with young children who need to cook, and large companies.

Choose a hotel or apartment average. Pay big bucks for two nights does not make sense. Ask in advance exemplary range of prices in cafes and restaurants, to plan how much money to take with you. Keep a certain amount of cash to pay for hotels, meals, travel and incidentals. And the rest - keep the bank card to use if necessary.

Do not take a lot of things to walk evening gowns will not have time - a couple of sets of clothes for each person. For children take toys and entertainment, crumbs - Sling or kangaroo for hiking in the museum, which is not allowed wheelchair. Think recreation program still at home. Buy a guidebook or look for information on the Internet. Decide how to spend the time to wander aimlessly not the city. Although spontaneity is nothing wrong with that.

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