An unforgettable trip to Amsterdam

An unforgettable trip to Amsterdam
 Amsterdam every year thousands of tourists visit, and it's not just European citizens, but also citizens of countries in other continents. And it is no accident, because where else can be so nice to have fun, relax, and in addition to fully organize themselves for a cultural program.
 Arriving in the capital of the Netherlands, the first thing you see - it's a beautiful grand central station, which was built by the famous architect Petrus Kuipers in the late XIX century. This building - really great, because it managed to combine amazing ancient architecture and modern technology. Modern surveillance device, gsm-system, TV - all this a mandatory part of the safety of the first business card.

Great popularity in the world Amsterdam was due to extraordinary development of the entertainment industry and at the same time a very rich cultural life.

Traditionally, the cultural program begins with «Rijksmuseum» - is the largest museum in the Netherlands, it may take a year more than a million tourists. Museum «Rijksmuseum» is one of the most popular and famous among visitors to the city sights of the capital. Only here it is possible to look at an unrivaled collection of Dutch art from the Golden Age artifacts to early iconography.

Still there is one famous museum talented master Van Gogh. It is the collection, consisting of more than five hundred and fifty two hundred paintings and sketches, corresponding to different stages in the work of a great artist.

Also worth visiting the wonderful Madame Tussauds. Here is a huge collection of wax figures the most famous people from different eras. At the end of the museum's programs do not forget to watch the boat-house, which will give you the opportunity to understand a little about life on the boat moored at the city channel.

As for entertainment, the tourists are most attracted kafeshopov network, since they are allowed to sell soft drugs. We should also mention that there is a tendency to conservatism in the policy of the city authorities. It is for this reason that in Amsterdam in the near future are going to close some kafeshopy and brothels that sell marijuana.

Yet, despite this the availability of drugs, Amsterdam - a quiet and peaceful town. In some countries, people feel safe only after the installation of a reliable surveillance system. Here people are relaxed and good-natured that allows everybody to enjoy life.

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