Amsterdam Attractions

Amsterdam Attractions
 Amsterdam - the capital of the Netherlands, a city of contrasts and temptations. He stands on the Amstel River, and in the literal sense. The lion's share of buildings of this city stands on piles driven into the sandy silt. Its architectural style is eclectic: here and vintage "gingerbread" buildings and modern high-rise buildings, painted in different colors of the rainbow. But do not dare call all this bad taste and a hodgepodge - in this city everything is in harmony. But not only that attracts millions of tourists its walls. Amsterdam attracts primarily their freedom.
 Amsterdam - one of the word breathes the spirit of freedom, the smell of tulips, cheese, beer and marijuana. Determine the purpose of your trip - this is the primary task of tourists caught up in this city. The fact that the Dutch capital has many faces, though small, and explore all of its attractions - not an easy task. From the city center's main attractions can be quickly reached on foot, and this is probably the best way to travel to Amsterdam.

Start the journey to be with the Dam Square, which is the "heart and pulse" of the city. It is always crowded. In comparison with the narrow streets of the city, it seems incredibly spacious. Its central building is the Royal Palace, which can be called one of the main architectural delights throughout the Netherlands. This magnificent building holds nearly 14 thousand piles! The palace is in the neoclassical style, its facade is decorated with the imposing figure of Atlas, which is hoisted on the shoulders of our planet. On the dome of the building is a weather vane in the form of a sea vessel - a symbol of the Netherlands.

In the west area of ​​the Museum of Madame Tussauds, the exhibition which is constantly increasing. Among the guests of Amsterdam it is popular: Where else have the opportunity to put the horns to Bush or to enter into his arms Angelina Jolie.

Close to Dam Square is a legendary street red light. In fact, this is not a street, but the whole area. Amsterdam All roads lead to this little quarter, sandwiched two areas - Dame and Nivmarkt. There are literally around every corner awaits adventure, sometimes not very pleasant, so it is best to visit the area during the day.

Its main "attraction" are half-naked prostitutes posing in bright red and purple neon windows. This is so spicy Area is very popular among tourists. And this is not surprising, because to be in Amsterdam and not go through the red light district, can be considered a crime. Legalized vice, turned into a real tourist attraction - where else can you see something like this? This quarter is located some specific museums, including the Museum of tattoos, hashish Museum and the Museum of Erotica.

Two steps from the street red light is old church. Its Gothic octagonal bell tower served as a reference point in time for the sailors, swim to the shores of Amsterdam. The locals are so tolerant to all are that they did not confuse the half-naked beauties, which can be found at the exit of the church after Sunday mass.

Vondelpark - another local landmark and the largest park of the city. Here you can make a promenade through the winding lanes, scenic pond, visit the rose garden, cycling and even lie down on the grass.

Zauderkerk - the city's first church, built for the Protestants. It can be, without a doubt, counted among the architectural delights of Amsterdam. In the church there is a large exhibition hall, and a 70-meter bell tower offers a great view of the city. Clarity and harmony of its lines, as if lined up on the line by hand of unknown master, is amazing.

Art lovers will be enjoyed by an excursion to the Van Gogh Museum, which is the largest collection of works by this expressionist 19th century. The National Museum of Amsterdam you can see paintings by Dutch painters 15-17 centuries. Within its walls is also a collection of the famous Delft porcelain.

Particularly noteworthy Homomonument - is a memorial in the center of the city, erected in memory of lesbians and homosexuals who were persecuted because of their sexual orientation. He is an abstraction consisting of three triangles of pink granite.

Amsterdam is dotted with numerous canals and bridges, which can also be regarded as local attractions. Thanks to them, the city is often called the "Venice of the North". Certainly worth seeing Amsterdam from the water, make excursions by boat on one of its channels.

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