World most amazing pools

World most amazing pools
 Pools need for sports, to refresh and relax or to redeveloped. However, there are swimming pools, the purpose of which is surprising and puzzling.
 The largest pool is located in the seaside resort of Algarrobo, Chile. Length - 900 meters, and the depth over 30m. It stretches along the coast a few hundred meters from the sea. On the construction of the pool, got into the Guinness World Records, was spent 1, 6 billion dollars and five years. Its volume - 250 million liters of desalinated pool filled with sea water. Before replacing the water it definitely clean.

Blue Lagoon - a natural pool and a spa resort, well-kept and fenced off people for recreational purposes. This is a unique place on the secluded island of Comino in Malta. Blue Lagoon geothermal differs incredible properties that are attracted to these places a large number of tourists. In the pool constantly fed water flowing in the vicinity of the lava flow. When you upgrade the water used and the natural and artificial filtering, the latter provides geothermal station. Thus in the lagoon water is completely renewed every two days. The water is heated in a natural way under the surface of the earth, and on the way to the lagoon is saturated with minerals.

Casino Golden Nugget, in Las Vegas, attracts its customers the most terrible and dangerous pool. During the voyage you will not leave feeling that you are in the water with sharks and dangerous marine animals. The architects have come up with a swimming pool around a huge glass tank with marine life. The cost of the experiment has exceeded $ 30 million. Reservoir with sharks and a pool for people to share only the thick glass. Moreover, in the middle of the reservoir built three-story waterslide cool, roll down which means prove to others their courage and boldness.

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