Wedding tour to Cuba: Calls salsa flavor of rum and turquoise Caribbean Sea

Wedding tour to Cuba: Calls salsa flavor of rum and turquoise Caribbean Sea
 Sultry Cuba - a real jewel in the necklace of picturesque Caribbean islands. Cote d'Azur, mild climate, wonderful nature, combined with incendiary rhythms of salsa and tastes of local dishes will make your rest here is truly magical. Wedding in Cuba - a wonderful occasion to plunge into a dizzying swirl of colorful Latin American carnival.
 Liberty Island is happy to accept in their welcoming arms of the newlyweds from different corners of the planet. The local climate makes it possible to conduct wedding ceremonies throughout the year. In Cuba, there is no humidity and scorching heat softened due to breezes from the ocean.

Wedding ceremony in this paradise - perfect for a hopeless romantic. It can be done right on the beach! In the role of decorations will be the turquoise sea, and music will whisper of the waves, playfully impinging on the boil-white sand, and the rustle of palm leaves. Majestic mountains, built in the time of Columbus, sparkling waterfalls - is not the best setting for a wedding tour! It's so easy to realize their cherished dream of a fairytale wedding and romantic, which you certainly will be only the most vivid impressions.

In Cuba, you can spend and symbolic and formal wedding. Last performed only at hotels, and some of them offer it for free, but if you stay at them at least a week. For marriage need to prepare certain documents. According to local regulations, if the couple first married, they must submit their passports and birth certificates. In the event that one of them is divorced, have to submit a copy of the divorce certificate, which must be previously certified in the Cuban consulate in Moscow. Keep in mind, in each case may require other additional documents.

Wedding can be carried out at the hotel, but the best option is sure to become the coast. Just imagine will be a beautiful long beach without onlookers, blue sea, graceful arch, lavishly decorated with exotic flowers and you and your loved ones. The rays of the tropical sun will caress your skin, the wind to develop white robes - in a fabulous atmosphere you say the most touching words to each other and become a legal wife in one of the romantic islands in the world.

After the ceremony, some hotels tend to give the newlyweds as many additional services and surprises, among them decorated with candles and rose petals room, romantic dinner on the beach. You can continue the fun at local restaurants, where there is always waiting for a rum, criollo, fried plantains, tortillas stuffed with reeds and salsa until morning.

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