Time travel: tour to the Galapagos Islands

Time travel: tour to the Galapagos Islands
 Galapagos Islands - one of the corners of the world, where else reigns untouched nature. Geographically, they belong to Ecuador and located a thousand kilometers away. Nearly two centuries ago spodvignulo Galapagos Charles Darwin on the development of the legendary theory of evolution. Do not leave these fabulous island indifferent and modern tourists.
 Low clouds of mist, rocky shores, waves lapping on the jagged coastal rocks - all the Galapagos. There are no endless white sand beaches, as we are assured in some travel agencies. Coconut palms and other inalienable attributes of beach on the islands either. Galapagos - it is an eternal mystery, and the edge of the world!

They are an archipelago, which consists of 16 large and many tiny islands. The largest of these are San Salvador, Isabela, Santa Cruz, Fernandina. Galapagos is also called turtle (from the Spanish word «galapago», which means "turtle"). The capital of the archipelago is a port town Baquerizo Moreno.

The islands were discovered by the Spanish in the 16th century, but their attention to the amazing nature of people paid only two hundred years later. Archipelago appeared thousands of years ago by volcanic eruptions. He practically grew out of the ocean. It has both active and extinct volcanoes. The flora and fauna of each island is unique. This diversity has inspired at the time of Darwin to write the famous work "The Origin of Species." Archipelago and today remains exactly as it first saw the Spanish explorers.

Tourists are attracted to these islands the local nature - a real, genuine, tremulous, unique and amazing. The most appropriate way to look at all the beauty of the Galapagos - take a cruise on the boat from one island to another, with optional access to the shore, accompanied by an experienced guide. Here you can see wild animals in the immediate neighborhood. One of the main features of the Galapagos Islands from other similar sites is that local animals lack any fear of man.

Due to the special geographic position here coexist side by side heat-loving inhabitants of pink flamingos and cold latitudes - penguins, tropical fish and sea lions. Especially a lot of reptiles on islands, which sometimes affect its dimensions. Why are only the turtle the size of a small horse, and many iguanas. Admiring the local nature and the inhabitants can not help to feel in the prehistoric period.

The Galapagos created ideal conditions for diving. Darwin Island is the best place in the world for scuba diving. Admire its beauty can only divers. Inaccessible cliffs of the island do not give him to make walking tours.

On the island of Isabela, you can see the volcano Wolf altitude of just over 1,700 meters, and the largest colony of Galapagos giant tortoises. In the bay close to their nest they live penguins and land iguanas.

Deserves special attention and the island of Bartolome. Its volcanic landscapes are striking in their beauty. Here you can admire dwarf penguins, stingrays and sharks. Climb to the top Bortolome give a fantastic experience from the contemplation of the panorama of the island.

In addition to diving in the Galapagos can practice sailing, trekking, kayaking, cycling and horse riding, and simply enjoy the local beauty and watch the animals. Untouched nature, unique plants and animals, colorful locals - all this creates the impression of a civilization. Tour of the Galapagos is not cheap, but a similar holiday is worth it!

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