Holidays in Chile

Holidays in Chile
 Increasingly difficult to find an unusual place to rest, because today many exotic countries has already been spent by tourists. However, for Russian tourists Chile is still a mystery, and that's where people prefer to go seeking a break from the native language and to find an unforgettable experience and new experiences.  

If the direction of its place you have chosen Chile, be aware that you will find a full program of rest. Of course, no one is forcing you to use it: you can simply enjoy the gentle sunlight on the Pacific coast. But you can enjoy the waves and in other places, while in Chile there are many unique places, which should become better acquainted.

In Chile reigns stunningly comfortable climate due to the combination of sea and mountain landscapes, because it is in the territory of the Latin American countries there is a meeting of the Andes Cordillera and two mountain systems. With this Chile - a country where people come all the fans of outdoor activities. On the slopes of the mountains there are skiers, snowboarders and other snow sports entertainment fans.

Even just staying in the Chilean capital, you can already substantially complete your collection of his impressions. In this city, luxury restaurants and luxury hotels there is something to admire: the area of ​​Brazil and Weapons, church buildings, including the famous Church of San Francisco, a lot of beautiful buildings and architectural masterpieces. You can stroll through the park Florental.

Going on a boat trip, be sure to check out the island, which was a prisoner of Robinson Crusoe: today there is an archipelago Juan Fernandez.

An abundance of sightseeing tours will allow you to find the best option. History buffs should not miss the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Akatamu, which was fixed for the title of the most arid desert. Here they are waiting ghost towns destroyed and devastated many years ago. Their ruins recreate the atmosphere of ancient times, complete battles and dangers.

If you prefer to not look back and up, then you should definitely go on an excursion to the Moon Valley. Uniquely outlines the place to repeat the moon's surface. You will pass through places where trained before their flight, many American astronauts.

Regardless of the interests and tastes, do not leave Chile without visiting San Pedro de Atacama, exciting and beautiful city. He will give you an unforgettable luxury rendezvous with nature: the viewing platform located over the precipice, open the eyes of tourists a stunning kaleidoscope of landscapes.

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