Air Travel: baggage allowance

Air Travel: baggage allowance
 All airlines have strict limits on baggage allowance. There is a list of prohibited items for carriage, regulations weight and volume of baggage allowance, which may vary depending on the direction, airlines, aircraft type and other factors.
 Baggage free baggage airlines can be set on the "weight system" or "Fitting".

Weight system is to limit baggage weight. For passengers of different classes often provided free baggage allowance, which applies to all categories of passengers, including children, who are traveling on a separate site. Norma varies from no right to a free baggage allowance (in the low cost airlines, regional flights and tickets purchased through special shares) to 20 kg (rate that applies on most major airlines scheduled flights).

Weight system involves tougher sanctions for exceeding the permissible weight, the cost of an additional kilogram varies depending on the airline. More kilograms weight which can be paid in excess rate is also limited. On some airlines (usually on regional flights) the possibility of extra baggage allowance may not be provided.

In recent years, airlines often impose additional restrictions, for example, noted in the rules of baggage that can be registered for free, only one piece of luggage that is placed in the weighted norms (ie it is impossible to carry out two bags of 10 kg).

The system places less common. It implies that the passenger can hold from one to three pieces of luggage, the maximum whose parameters (size and weight) are established by the airline luggage allowances. In this case, the odds may be paid based on the number of additional kilogram. For baggage in excess of the baggage allowance provided redemption of additional space.

In order to avoid large expenditures should be aware of the baggage rules established by the airline. Advance surcharge for overweight in most airlines are cheaper than the surcharge on the spot.

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