Where to rest in November?

Where to rest in November?
 Sometimes the holiday falls not on the sunny summer months, on a cold and gray November. But do not worry, this time of year different parts of the Earth are ready to provide excellent opportunities for recreation.
 November - a pretty good time to relax. This month, you can not only visit different exotic countries and lie on the beach, but also to relax at ski resorts or see the carnival celebrations.

If you crave the heat of the sun and fresh sea air, go to Bali. Island in the Indonesian archipelago promises paradise vacation, because of its beauty amazes even seasoned travelers. Untouched nature, exotic flora and fauna, volcanic landscapes and clean sea - that's what awaits visitors to Bali.

Provide heat and the island of Madeira, where summer lasts all year round. Enough to enjoy the exotic nature, you can always escape to nearby Porto Santo, where the beaches are an order of magnitude more comfortable, and the lake formed by lava flows, much more interesting than the sea. Madeira You can relax actively - diving, horseback riding, rock climbing, water skiing and other entertainment will not be bored.

Another distant country, a warm welcome tourists in November - Vietnam. The best area to visit this time of year - the island of Phu Quoc, where you will find yourself in the middle of the season.

There are several countries that are suitable for a beach holiday in November - Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and others.

Leisure options at this time can be a ski resort. High season in November, you can catch in Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. Even Russian resorts at this time are open and ready to receive guests.

Another type of holiday in November - visit carnivals and festivals. For example, in Germany every year the 11th of 11 months at eleven o'clock in the morning at the same time in Cologne, Dusseldorf and Mainz opened the carnival season, which lasts a few months.

Lovers of good wine can go Bozo - a town near Lyon in France. Every year on the third Wednesday in November here opens march winemakers.

The last ten days of November - a great time to visit Europe covered by this time the Christmas fever. The festive atmosphere and design of cities in France, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden and other countries will make you feel great involvement in the event.

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