Vacation in Jamaica

Vacation in Jamaica
 Jamaica - one of the largest islands in the Caribbean Sea. The original culture of the indigenous inhabitants, spectacular mountain landscapes, music, reggae, dozens of calls waterfalls and hundreds of miles of white sand beaches fringed with coconut palms spreading - all annually attracts thousands of travelers from around the world.

Gentle sun that shines almost all year round in Jamaica, in conjunction with the evening breezes and light winds make vacation here truly memorable and enjoyable. Each day you will admire the elegant sunrises and sunsets and feel the beauty of local nature.

The main cultural attractions are in the capital - Kingston, where you should definitely visit the museum of reggae star Bob Marley. At 90 kilometers from the capital is the beautiful mountain resort Mandeville. Its main attraction is the museum of vintage cars. Just west of the resort stretches Cockpit Country - a large limestone plateau. This extraordinarily beautiful place where many wells and caves, as well as wild animals and endemic plants.

Wealthy Jamaicans living in the quiet town of Port Antonio, which is surrounded by virgin jungle with exotic butterflies and birds. In addition, its surroundings are known for unusual waterfalls, most of which are cast directly into the Caribbean Sea. Here is the legendary Blue Lagoon - a place of the same name by shooting pictures with Milla Jovovich.

Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica. It is a tiny international airport. Here is concentrated half of comfortable hotels in the country, many old mansions, beautiful sandy beaches. In the vicinity of Montego Bay interesting gallery Indians, Fort Montego, an underwater park, the church of St. James.

Visit Jamaica and not try the local rum would be a crime. This drink is a matter of great pride to local residents, it is offered here everywhere - in restaurants, hotels, bars. Rum in Jamaica is really fragrant, wonderful, deep flavor and rich bouquet. The variety of national dishes will impress you with an amazing combination of age-old traditions and taste. Full of exotic local cuisine combines in one dish sweetness, sharpness, spice and subtlety of flavor. Vacation on this island will be filled with rich colors and for a long time remain in the memory.

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