Turkey: a country where there is a paradise

Turkey: a country where there is a paradise
 For many Russians, Turkey - a country where there is a paradise for families. 300 clear and sunny days a year, the beautiful and infinitely transparent sea, sand and pebble beaches, colorful bazaars, flavors Oriental cuisine, bridges, connecting Europe and Asia, historical monuments, colorful people in exotic costumes - all Turkey.

Part of Turkey is located in South-West Asia, and some - in southern Europe. It is washed by four seas - the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Marmara and the Aegean. Water and air temperature in the resort area on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea - Turkish Riviera, you can open the swimming season in April and close - in November. This is the longest swimming season in Europe.

In Turkey, a very good rest the whole family. There is fun for all: playgrounds, rides, water slides and discos - for children; SPA-salons, beaches, swimming pools and shops - for mothers; tennis courts, mini football, golf, the opportunity to ride on a banana and surfing - for dads. And for all - an opportunity to go diving, sailing, go on a jeep safari ...

There are places in Turkey and for the fans to admire numerous monuments of ancient art and antique architectural ensembles. Turkey - the birthplace of ancient civilizations. It is in this country, are internationally renowned cultural and archaeological sites, including the legendary city of Troy, caves Heaven and Hell Gate of Hadrian and the Temple of Artemis.

The main part of the Turkish population - Muslims. And though it is - a secular state, many spheres of life of Turkish citizens imbued with Islam. This should be remembered, especially when traveling between the Turkish province. For example, ask permission to take pictures of a person, because Islam forbids images of people.

If you decide to go to Turkey, you should know the things that are not worth saving. In choosing a hotel should pay attention to its location. Hotel "first line" is located on the beach, "second tier" - across the street, "third level" - two streets. The range of dishes in the "three-star" hotel is much inferior food served in "cozy".

Drinks in the system "all inclusive" free only until 12 at night. Then you have to pay for them, and not cheap. In Turkish stores and shops to bargain and the price can be brought down significantly. Of currency in circulation in Turkey mostly in dollars and euros, but there are shops where you can pay and rubles. If you want to visit historic sites, keep in mind that the tour offered by the hotel will cost 3-4 times more expensive than its territory.

What else is quite convenient - you can go to Turkey, not knowing any language other than Russian. You all will understand and you will feel right at home. In general, Turkey - it really is a paradise on earth. You happy holidays!

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