Time Travel: Italy

Time Travel: Italy
 In Italy it is difficult all the time to lie on a beach vacation. In a country where at each step there are historical monuments, travelers simply have to devote a portion of their trip, if not all, of its entire cultural program.
 In fact, it is difficult to say that you have seen Italy, if they were not in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples and dozens of cities, including two states, located in the territory of the country - San Marino and the Vatican. Among the monuments protected by UNESCO of 60% is in Italy alone.

Pointless to list the sights of Rome, which is all - solid attraction. Just here, photographed against the backdrop of the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain, you need to feel the spirit of the grand history, is going on in these parts. Visiting the Vatican, it is necessary to catch the spirit of Catholicism coming here. And everywhere need to absorb fluids of high art, which has always been rich in Italy.

Well, romantic feelings will come to you in Venice. Almost any guided tour begins here in Piazza San Marco, the heart of the city. There is obligatory to visit Kampanilla - bell tower, which offers stunning views of Venice. The most beautiful building in the city is recognized as the Basilica of San Marco. Quickly built, then decorate it a few centuries, so has the fingerprints of different styles. Here you can see the treasures brought from Constantinople during the Crusades, including the Golden Altar. The beauty of Venetian architecture is also necessary to assess leisurely swim at the Grand Canal on the vaporetto water bus.

Milan - Italy's northern capital. It is the center of the world lyric opera, here is one of the greatest works of world art - "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci. Truly unique storage Biblioteca Ambrosiana, where collected old books, manuscripts, sculptures and a collection of paintings.

Another city open-air museum - Florence, gave the world Galileo, Dante, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Here, among the cathedrals, palaces, bridges and guests will find a fascinating journey through time.

Masterpieces of Italian are endless. Per trip can be seen only the smallest part of the attractions of this country. Therefore, you need to come here again and again, carefully planning their cultural program.

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