Time exciting trips to the most famous waterfalls

Time exciting trips to the most famous waterfalls
 Of the many natural phenomena waterfalls are one of the most impressive sights. Falling water is always attracted the man, forcing admire its power and beauty. If you are planning a route for travel in the summer or autumn period, feel free to choose the place where the most famous waterfalls in the world. There you can fully enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of crystal clear water streams, falling from a height.
 Waterfalls can be found in almost all parts of the world. Some of them have long enjoyed the reputation among travelers, others are less well known. But whichever of the inhabited continents of the person you choose a place for a guided tour, you can always turn to the route visit to one of the world famous waterfalls. Each of them is unique, different from other height, width, capacity, but almost all of these natural objects are very picturesque and are remembered for a long time.

If you ask any of his friends, a waterfall in the world largest and most famous, most of them confidently called Niagara. Located in the northeast United States, though he is not as high as many of his colleagues, but really is one of the most powerful in the world, because it passes through almost three million liters of water per second. Lovers of the exotic love Niagara Falls, because it is very accessible to tourists and can be inspected without difficulty from almost all sides.

Once in South America, be sure to plan your visit to another natural monument - Iguazu Falls, one of the three largest waterfalls in the world. Is this magnificent property on the border of Brazil and Argentina, near the confluence of the Iguazu River in Parana. Importantly, enjoy them at any time of the year. Many visitors admit that panorama opening when viewed from this waterfall, can instill a sense of delight and admiration of the grandeur of nature, which is often mixed with a sense of fear. Undoubtedly, such a fantastic burst of emotion, many seek at least once in their lives.

The world famous Victoria Falls Beautiful African, which is located on the territory of Zimbabwe, of course, inferior in power Niagara, but surpasses it in height. If you are looking for real thrills, you can take a risk by committing to a dizzying height of falling water in the long jump "bungee". A rafting enthusiasts have the opportunity to try their hand at numerous relatively safe thresholds, which are abundant in the Zambezi river immediately after the waterfall. But even without these exotic adventures Victoria, not without reason attracts a lot of tourists interested in the sights of the "black continent".

However, you can admire the beauty of the waterfalls, even without leaving Europe. Most of these beautiful giants is miraculous in Scandinavia, abounding in mountain rivers. The most popular among tourists are the Norwegian waterfalls, notably the Tvindefossen, Utigard and cascade Ryukanfoss. In bright sunny weather rainbow waterfalls create a unique, very similar to the multi-colored hanging bridges interconnecting the fjords. Under such fabulous arches and walking slowly steamers with tourists, which can not fail to impress such a spectacle. Whichever of these tourist route you choose, be sure that you are provided with an unforgettable experience.

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