Straight to dream: New York

Straight to dream: New York
 New York City - the largest city in the United States. This financial, cultural, architectural and political center of the country, the city is a dream for any tourist has ever been there.
 Analogues of New York not in America. The city is located at the same time on several islands and is divided into five boroughs - Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Manhetenne. His worship the best artists, famous writers and poets in their works called it a city fulfillment of all desires. From all over America people tend to New York to earn a lot of money, to become famous all over the world, or simply start a new life ...

Unable to determine the prevailing national residents of this city. French, Irish, Italians, British, Indians, Spaniards, blacks -pereselentsy from different countries flooded the territory of the future of New York during the migration. For this reason, in New York, no major religion - a lot of nationalities provides multi-confessional. Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism - the architecture of the "big apple" is replete with structures of these religions.

Ny York never sleeps. Vibrant nightlife, convenience stores, clubs, which play a world-renowned DJs, night shows and musicals in private theaters ... At night you can go to a restaurant or visit the gym, if the day you busy making money. On the streets you will meet not less people than during the day - there used to live like that.

Love and feelings in New York give secondary importance. Girls who have not attained the age of thirty, in no hurry to get married or start a serious relationship. They are in no hurry to move to a favorite and have children. And generally try not to fall in love, preferring one night. The reasons lie in the desire to achieve career heights and material well-being to the point, as it is necessary to be bound by family ties. Men are not far behind them and fully agree with this "feminism".

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