Rest in Egypt without any problems

Rest in Egypt without any problems
 Difficult tasks at work, household chores - all this falls on the fragile shoulders of the beautiful half of humanity. Of course, after such loads ladies in need of rest. Trip to Egypt - this is the best budget travel with the benefit and pleasure for the soul.

In order to make your holiday is not marred by trouble, you need to prepare in advance all. Decide with the cellular operator, connect roaming service and check the price. Advance funds to move your number to call in case of emergency you can call from Egypt to Russia. Or purchase an Egyptian sim card. So the connection will be much cheaper.

Before traveling to another country please be in cash, preferably swapped into dollars. Also do not forget the plastic card. In case of shortage of cash, you can always take advantage of a compact electronic purse.

Before flying to Egypt you should examine all the documents given to you, ask about insurance and insurance cases. If possible, call the telephone number listed in the insurance policy to verify the validity of the numbers.

It was in Egypt, it is not necessary to dress provocatively and vulgar. You may misunderstand the locals - the Arabs. You do not want to be in the list of stolen harem? If not, walk alone in the evening and at night you are contraindicated in this country.

Being in Egypt, can not miss the opportunity to go scuba diving and rock climbing. After all, the Red Sea is rich in such a variety of fish and corals that only callous man does not want to look at all this beauty. But dropping diving into the depths of the sea, do not forget about safety rules. Do not risk your life for the momentary bravado.

Despite many beautiful hotels, Egypt is a relatively poor country, so you should not drink water from the tap, and any non-bottled water. Can catch typhoid fever or other infections. After sunset, it is recommended not to dive in the sea, so you can get a shot of sea urchin or fish scorpion (prick her deadly to humans).

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