Province soap opera: Alberta

Province soap opera: Alberta
 Alberta - do not find, perhaps, other place, inexplicably combines highly developed industry, and at the same time the natural landscape surrounding virginity with noisy waterfalls and unnaturally blue on a background of snow-capped peaks drops lakes.

All of this - a unique province in Canada under the name Albert. Unique not only the development of industry and natural beauty, but also for its history, historical and cultural monuments, parks and reserves. But the main uniqueness of the province - people living there, their desire to make their land more beautiful and comfortable.

His own name on behalf of the province was Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, whose husband, appointed governor of Canada, the province named in honor of his beloved wife. Albertans are proud of it and affectionately calls his land "Princess."

Alberta became the emblem woven in intricate patterns beaver as a symbol of all of Canada, a crown, symbolizing the former belonging to the British Crown, and a military helmet, as the memory of the glorious days of the Confederacy. The motto of the city - "Strong and Free" - and you can see everywhere today in Alberta. Strong and free - it is such and consider themselves residents of Alberta. And the students call their province "Country Wild Rose", so they decided to once in a referendum, and since then these words adorn the license plates of Alberta.

Living here today by representatives of many nationalities - British, Germans, Scandinavians, Dutch and many others. By the way, many among residents of Alberta and immigrants from Russia and Ukraine, this can be seen when he saw in the major cities of the province, in Calgary and Edmonton, signs in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

In any season, there are a lot of tourists. In the winter, even in cold weather, always crowded in winter resorts of Alberta, in the summer to services of tourists as many attractions of the province, as well as a wealth of eco-tourism. And if you're lucky - you can get to the matches of famous "Calgary Flames" or "Edmonton Oilers"!

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