Map of attractions: the national parks of the world

Map of attractions: the national parks of the world
 National Parks - the vast natural areas, where human activity is limited. Picturesque lakes, cliffs, canyons, forests, valleys, volcanoes, geysers and visited by millions of tourists every year. To see all these wonders, someone goes to a certain country, and someone has set for itself the "Golden Ring" of national parks.
 The oldest national park in Italy covers an area of ​​about 70,000 hectares. Gran Paradiso - a virgin forest, a huge population of mountain goats, alpine hares. This area is generally densely populated various animals and birds from the marmots and woodpeckers to wagtails.

One of the most famous national parks in Belarus - Bialowieza Forest. Its territory is Europe's largest fen. The reserve remained fairly large population of bison. This national park is famous for the numerous swamps, diverse flora and fauna. But the main pride of the Bialowieza Forest - the only surviving in Europe a large overgrown forest.

Located in northern Tanzania Kilimanjaro National Park. Small but beautiful mountain views saturated Park, whose territory is the highest point of the African continent - the peak of Kibo, the height of 5895 m.

In the US they number 9, but the most famous - the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks. Grand Canyon was formed 65 million years ago. The vast Colorado Plateau is divided into two horrible scar-gorge, which is recognizable even from space. In the vernacular of his name sounds like "Kaibab" - the mountain, set on the head. The length of the canyon 350 kilometers, and depth, on average, up to about a kilometer.

Yellowstone area of ​​about 900 hectares. Its main attraction - the Valley of Geysers, throughout the park are scattered huge number of hot keys. It is the richest parts of the world geyser. Also here you can see a large number of waterfalls, some of which reach 100 meters.

On the island is the Teide Terinf - one of the most famous national parks in Spain. Its main attraction - a huge stratovolcano Teide-Pico Viejo, 7500 meters above the seabed. In this park you can find about 57 different species of plants, which is no longer anywhere in the world.

On the island of Sri Lanka are located 12 national parks, each of which can be something to brag about. For example, the park Vilpatu different large population of leopards, bears and wild elephants. A famous park Yala large flocks of pelicans, storks and flamingos.

Between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores islands located Rinca, Padar and Komodo - it's Komodo National Park. The giant lizard, reminiscent of ancient dinosaurs - a major celebrity, as the archipelago, and the entire fleet, although its territory you can find many other rare animals.

Perhaps one of the most famous national parks of the earth - the Great Barrier Reef. This set of reef islands in the waters of the Coral Sea. The reef is famous not only for its unique education, but also a very large variety of wildlife. It is home to such an abundance of exotic fish, what is no longer anywhere.

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