Los Angeles - Sin City and the center of world tourism

Los Angeles - Sin City and the center of world tourism
 Attractions of Los Angeles, certainly deserve to see them in the photos are not friends out there who have already visited, and by feel the grandeur and appeal of "Sin City" and the world of tourism.

Los Angeles attracts tourists for its clean beaches, trendy lounges, infrastructure, bright night lights, fun and the sea of ​​fun for everyone. Who has not dreamed at least once to visit the city, where they live a bright and interesting life the most famous movie stars! For the giant Hollywood sign hidden secrets kinomasterstva highest class. The path to the red carpet is not so simple. Many actors are recognized: in order to become a star with a capital letter, you need talent and perseverance, will power and self-confidence. Tourists from all over the world come here hoping to see your favorite actor and, if lucky, get an autograph. This is where such films as "The Terminator," "Die Hard," "Pulp Fiction" and many other famous and favorite films.

Another striking landmark is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is full of more than 2,500 five-pointed stars with the names of prominent people of the film industry. His appearance owes Walk of Fame President Chamber of Commerce EM Stewart, who provided a loan to the realization of this creative idea.

Beverly Hills - another attraction in Hollywood. It is here that luxury apartments movie stars and millionaires. In this exclusive area at every step there is a feeling of luxury and beautiful carefree life.

But this is only one aspect of life in the city, selling the "American Dream." The other side is less attractive. In poor areas every day there robbery, selling drugs to minors, shots are fired. No, this is not the story of one of Hollywood movies - a world of those who are on the other side of luxury living. Is considered the most dangerous gangs Crips, which conducts ongoing war with other gangs disadvantaged areas. They are absolutely not interested in high art of Los Angeles, which is represented by a unique world-class museums, art galleries and libraries.

Historical value and a special attraction for tourists are Art Gallery in San Marino, which contains the manuscripts of the great Shakespeare, and Sid Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Children can please park "Disneyland", which brought to life all the children's dreams!

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