Karnak: Egypt Attractions

Karnak: Egypt Attractions
 In recent years, Egypt has become popular country for a beach holiday. Tourists are attracted only clear sea and comfortable hotels. However, travelers in Egypt will be interesting to learn about the rich historical heritage of this country.

Karnak - a small Egyptian village north of Luxor, a territory of the ancient capital city of Thebes in Egypt. Luxor neighborhood famous for its archaeological uniqueness: located on the left bank of its "city of the dead" has the status of open-air museum. Here are the famous funerary temples Medinet Habu, Queen Hatshepsut, Ramesseum. To the west of the city stretched Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings, recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thousands of tourists each year flock to these places to look at ancient tombs of the pharaohs.

The most famous place of Karnak temple is the great god Amun Ra: ipet-Isut. In the construction of this unique facility was attended by many famous pharaohs XVI-XI centuries BC. Preserved sanctuary built Senusret I, hypostyle hall during the reign of Tuthmosis III and Ramses III sanctuary and Networks II, the temple of Mut - mother of Amon, built by Amenhotep III.

In fact ipet-Isut is a great architectural "textbook" on the history of ancient Egypt. As governors of the sun god, Amun, all pharaohs considered themselves obliged to contribute to the construction of the sanctuary. They praised his military victories, erecting monuments to battles. For example, at Karnak preserved monument Pharaoh Shoshenq I, dedicated his victory over the Palestinian army.

Here you can see a tribute to Thutmose III sunlike ancestors. In the temple of Amun Pharaoh erected a large columned hall for sacred ceremonies, which has no analogue in the world. In this hall survived the royal table of the famous Festival Hall of Thutmose III, listing the 41 ruler - the ancestor of Thutmose III. At the moment, most of the stone table exported to Paris and is on display in the Louvre.

Temple ipet-Isut surrounded by numerous courtyards and pylons framing and sacred to the Egyptians Jesher lake. From the west tower guarding the temple of sphinxes.

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