In the New Year in Egypt!

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 New Year celebrations in Egypt attractive for the Russians for several reasons. First, the travel value is lower than, for example, in Europe. Second, do not require a visa, so you can collect a couple of days. And, thirdly, in January, it's warm!
 Hotels in Egypt offer New Year's Holiday, you will receive a special invitation or a voucher from the guide. The program includes a banquet, Arab dance, stylized room with sabers, tonura - a spectacular show when a man in a variety of skirts spinning in one place for up to 40 minutes. As local instigators hold lots of competitions such as those that organize weddings. And ended with fireworks and a disco.

New Year's show about the same everywhere, so choose the hotel where stops most young people, and where good DJs. If your hotel is not very disco, you can go to many similar establishments in the resort center.

The hotels in the New Year's Eve you will be offered the best dishes buffet restaurant - salads, appetizers, chicken, fish, ice cream, sweets, fruit. Of alcohol hotels provide the same range as in normal days of rest, ie, wines and spirits local production. So if you care a chiming clock to open a bottle of champagne - will have to bring it with you in your luggage or buy Duty Free. Same thing with red caviar - in Egypt it is unlikely you will find. As for the battle of chimes and the president's speech - in all the hotels where tourists stop Russian, available first channel and Russia, so that you will have the opportunity to hear what the head of state wants our citizens. The more so because the time difference with Moscow and in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh is 2 hours, so first you can celebrate the New Year all time zones in Russia, and in 2 hours and even on Egyptian time. The main thing is to have enough forces.

Despite the fact that you are going to celebrate the New Year, do not forget to set a standard traveler in hot countries - hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, clothing with long sleeves, in the event of an evening stroll when the wind becomes palpable, and so as not to burn. Take care of yourself and on the water. In any case, said the chief, the night of fun and exciting to the next year you had something to remember.

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