Cultural tourism: the most unusual museums in the world

Cultural tourism: the most unusual museums in the world
 Cultural tourism - sightseeing tours, which consists in visiting places of interest. Fans of the rest combine business with pleasure, spending time in getting acquainted with the cultural and historical features of another city or country. The variety of museums in the world strikes, because in addition to traditional institutions can meet and very unusual, for example, the museum mafia or French fries.
 Museum of the human body "Corpus", located in the Netherlands - is a unique institution that allows us to study the structure of the body in minute detail. Visitors literally make the tour of the organs and parts of the body, including the brain. The use of 3D-technology and sound effects that accompany it fascinating guide, allow us to make the journey into the world of physiology unforgettable. The specifics of the museum and its architecture is responsible: a 7-storey glass building juts out like the body of a seated person.

Museum of unrequited love - it is literally a huge piggy bank broken hearts. The museum exhibits are memorable favors donated unhappy lovers from around the world. It is interesting that its founders are former lovers, Croatian artists Olinka Vistino and Drezen Grubizik. His collection they started with their own souvenirs left over from the heyday of their former feelings. In the exhibition halls of the museum you can find a wide variety of subjects, from quite logical toy hearts to very unusual, for example, the prosthetic leg.

The museum is to be expected mafia in Sicily, in a town called Corleone. Before the visitors opened the spectacle, which requires strong nerves. For example, twisted skeletons of cars, had been in real chases and gunfights. Initially, there were present the murder weapon and torture, but the mayor's office banned expose these items, not to turn the institution into a museum of fear. From a lecture tour guide can be found on the high-profile trials against the Mafia, including the famous Toto over Reno, the prototype of the hero of the book by Mario Puzo "The Godfather".

The location of the Museum of soluble noodles are also quite predictable. It is located in Japan, in a place called Osaka. Here are all the items that are in some way connected with the production of this product. In addition, guests can participate in the creation of noodles and carry it with you in a plastic container.

Museum of eating in the United States, where it is very common representative of fast food has become fries. This French dish is extremely popular in the United States, and deservedly has its own museum. Such an institution is also available in Belgium, where the central focus is on behalf of the European history of French fries, and it has more than four centuries.

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