5 best resorts in Egypt

 Egypt mesmerizing beauty of golden deserts and diversity of the underwater world of the Red Sea tourists from many countries around the world. In this country, not only can relax at any time of the year, but also to get acquainted with one of the oldest civilizations.

The most common are the country's resorts of Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Safaga, Dahab, Soma Bay.

Hurghada attracts tourists with its favorable climate, that does not cause problems even for people with poor health. Constant sea breeze makes it possible for people to come in throughout the year. The air temperature in the hottest time of no more than 35 degrees, and the coldest water cools not less than 20 degrees. While vacationing in Hurghada, you can visit the famous pyramids of the pharaohs, went on a tour to Giza, or see the eyes underwater world. For example, in Hurghada is popular submarine "Sinbad", which at a depth of 25 meters through the windows, you can see the diversity of the underwater world of the Red Sea. Also famous walk on akvaskope - ship with an underwater capsule for 10 people. Immersion occurs at a depth of 3-4 meters, where you can observe magnificent coral reefs in different shades. In the southern part of Hurghada is the palace of "A Thousand and One Nights", where theatrical performances are played on the theme of the life of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Sharm El Sheikh in Arabic "King's Bay", the first resort that was built in Egypt. The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh is substantially cleared of coral reefs, with the exception of beach in Naama Bay - sandy and easy to log in to the sea. In Sharm el-Sheikh is the famous St. Catherine's Monastery, where a collection of old books, Russian icons. If you want to ride a horse or camel, it is possible to make enough to get out of the hotel. If you're a fan of sea coral, flora and fauna, then you need to visit the national park of Ras Muhammad.

If you are a lover of quiet rest, without the sweltering heat and a huge number of tourists, you'll like the resort of Dahab, which in Arabic means "gold". In Dahab is not as hot as in other resorts of Egypt, because of the constantly blowing winds. For this reason, at this resort is going to a lot of surfers - both beginners and professionals. Dahab is famous coral wall - Blue Hole. Visiting this place will not leave you indifferent. If you are attracted to the beauty of the mountains, be sure to check Coloured Canyon, which was formed as a result of the earthquake.

In Safaga you will find healthful, environmentally clean sand that can cure diseases of the musculoskeletal system and skin diseases. Also this resort has found acceptance among surfers and fans of the sport of sailing.

Soma Bay - a resort for those who love the sea passive recreation. The main feature of this place is untouched beauty of the desert outside the hotel. Outside the hotel there is not a single village. This is where you can enjoy plenty of indescribable scenery of the mountains and deserts.

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