Treatment of cystitis in pregnant women

Treatment of cystitis in pregnant women
 During pregnancy, women often develop cystitis. Firstly, this is due to anatomical features, because women short urethra, it is next to the vagina, the microflora penetrates quickly from one place to another. Secondly, during pregnancy, the uterus begins to squeeze the bladder, cause stagnation and disruption of blood flow in the pelvis. Third, there is a decrease immunity women during pregnancy in compensation that there is no rejection of the fetus. All these factors contribute to the activity of microbes that cause inflammation in the bladder.

Symptoms of cystitis

The disease begins with the fact that there is a painful and frequent urination, there is pain in the abdomen, may be false desires. Urine becomes cloudy, there is mucus in the urine, the urine detect bacteria and white blood cells. At the first sign of the disease should consult a doctor for treatment. It is especially important to treat cystitis in pregnant women not to develop complications in the kidney and did not appear harmful effects on fetal development.

Treatment of cystitis in pregnancy

Engage in self-harm. Baths, thermal treatments, medications adversely affect the course of pregnancy, and the disease itself, which becomes chronic. Currently, physicians herbal medicines administered into the cavity of the bladder. Local effect on the mucosa of the bladder has a positive effect on the course of disease. At the same time strengthens the walls of the bladder, pain disappear, and the woman wears a pregnancy safely.

Due to the fact that can not be taken during pregnancy, many antibiotics and other drugs in the treatment of cystitis pregnant has its own characteristics. During this period, it is impossible to cure the disease, all the effort is to relieve acute symptoms, do not hurt the baby. Complete treatment of cystitis it is necessary to continue after birth.

During pregnancy, in addition to the introduction of drugs into the bladder can use herbal teas, which include bearberry leaves, corn silk, licorice root, leaves, cranberries, field horsetail.

In order to prevent need time to empty the bladder and intestines, personal hygiene genitals, to avoid hypothermia, move more, to avoid stagnation, drinking cranberry drinks that cleanse the urinary tract, have a diuretic effect and do not cause edema.

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