Methods of contraception yesterday and today

Methods of contraception yesterday and today
 Many young families prefer not to hurry with the advent of the baby. Modern contraceptive methods protect against pregnancy as comfortable and reliable. However, it was not always. In Russia, large families were the norm. And all because that contraceptives were very primitive.

Currently, contraceptive choice is huge. But not so long ago it was very poor. Douching chemical solution is applied tremendous harm. In addition, this method prevents unwanted pregnancy for a very short time (less than a minute). Introduction into the vagina aspirin, lemon slices and did not bring the desired result. Interrupted intercourse would not guarantee an absolute protection, despite the fact that this method is safe for the health, convenience and reliability it is different.

Modern women with a choice of contraceptives lucky much more. The range is multiplied, and because every year is becoming increasingly difficult to choose. The most popular is the use of condoms. This method of contraception require preparation before intercourse, but protects from all kinds of infections, sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms vary in texture, and therefore can enhance the experience.

Chemical contraception is also quite popular. Lotions, suppositories, tablets, sponges, are most effective when used in conjunction with a condom. Gormrnalnye contraceptives are more perfect, as it combines maximum comfort and reliability. However, they require self-control, self-discipline - tablets should be taken on time, according to a certain scheme. Otherwise, the protective effect is lost.

Come to the aid intrauterine contraceptives. Spiral intrauterine hormonal system provides protection for a longer period. Convenient and receive mode - once in several years. The fair sex should not worry, feeling the charm of sudden intimacy.

Recourse to contraception, better and more correct to consult a gynecologist, who will help with the choice to decide about the side effects and is available to tell.

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