How to eat during pregnancy

How to eat during pregnancy
 The beginning of pregnancy is accompanied by a change in the taste and needs of women in the food, as remodeled body requires a certain element to normalize all processes.
 The first trimester of pregnancy may be associated with toxicity, so you should deal with it, to avoid dehydration and exhaustion. Toxicosis - it is a serious disease because it is detrimental effect both on the woman herself and the health of the nascent fetus.

As a general rule, during pregnancy, women are particularly needed vitamins and minerals useful, by which develops and eats fruit. With a shortage of one substance may start a violation of the development process, which subsequently lead to the development of congenital disease or malfunction of an organ. For example, the lack of calcium affects the structure of the skeletal system (bones of the child, teeth, hair, nails, etc.). Accordingly, the food should be fresh, wholesome and nutritious. This will help to ensure not only a cheerful state of the pregnant woman, but also intelligently distribute the substance on the two organisms.

It should be remembered that the various disturbances in fetal development can lead not only to a lack of a trace element, but also exceeded the required standards. For this purpose it is necessary to calculate the daily diet to eliminate the excess or deficiency of substances. Moreover, the daily need for food to be increased according to the development of the fetus, it is the first time in a normal diet should include more trace elements and mineral salts, and the third trimester increases the amount of food consumed.

For right choice of diet should consult a doctor who will help to make a list of products for use. Thus it takes into account individual characteristics of women (existing diseases, allergic reactions to food, the physiological data, etc.).

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