How to ease pregnancy summer

How to ease pregnancy summer
 On the one hand, summer baby bear much nicer than in winter - no heavy outer clothing, lots of fruits and vegetables and less viral respiratory infections. Despite these advantages pregnancy summer, the heat can bring future mom a lot of trouble.

Many pregnant very hard to tolerate heat: they have increased the pressure, there are swelling, possible fainting. If you start such signs of distress, it is better to refrain from walking in hot weather.

If you want to go somewhere, you should not forget the hat, plenty of rest in the shade on the road and need to be in touch with loved ones.

Clothing in pregnancy should be natural, easy, does not hinder movement. Heat - an ally of varicose veins, so if there is a problem with the veins, use elastic bandages or compression garment.

Often take a shower, pay special attention to hygiene of genitals, in hot weather can be activated thrush. Not to provoke this trouble, do not wear synthetic underwear, often tempted by carefully wiping off the crotch, because moist environment - the most fertile ground for yeast.

Should not be abused allergenic berries and fruits - strawberries, raspberries, citrus. Remember the risk of intestinal infections, thoroughly wash all fruits.

The excess fluid can cause swelling, but suffer from thirst, too, must not be pregnant. Drink clean water, dairy products, green tea and refrain from sugary drinks - they retain fluid.

Sunburn is absolutely not necessary for pregnant women, but bathing, swimming extremely useful. Improves health, strengthens muscles, go edema, normalizes blood pressure. Just choose clean and tested body of water.

Wear comfortable, open shoes without laces and buckles. Remove all rings, in the heat of the fingers may swell. During pregnancy, the skin pigment melanin high content, so it's important not to forget to apply sunscreen before going outdoors.

Do self-massage, because the heat and humidity contribute to edema, and massage gently to help remove it.

Do not need to burden himself with the affairs on hot days. Comfortable bench in the shade and interesting book - the best pastime for pregnant summer.

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