Childbirth with her husband

 For many women and men are represented childbirth painful process, painful, filled with suffering and danger. Maybe this is due to the curse of Eve. It is believed that the will of the Creator could not be directed to the suffering for women. Modern interpreters of the Bible say that the word pain to be understood as an effort, hard work, work, fatigue. In the book of Exodus tells about the birth of light, when the midwives did not have time to come to new mothers, and they give birth safely themselves.

Over the centuries, people's different attitudes towards birth. In practice pagan priests took birth. Used different magical rites, drugs, herbs. Hippocrates was engaged in training midwives, considering natural childbirth process, in which there should be no place for fear and pain. He was sure that the birth of the child shall be a natural way, and doctors recommended not to interfere in its course. A very long time men were forbidden to be present at birth. Midwives could only help pastors and shepherds. German scientist Weiss 400 years ago was burned at the stake for being secretly disguised as a midwife, has studied the process of childbirth.

In these days when painkillers has ceased to be a "means of Satan", and are widely used antiseptic surgery, humanity goes still further. The main task of our time - getting mothers with fear. Doctors think about how to make childbirth happy. Today genera are considered not only physiological, but also a spiritual process. Apex, the climax of love - is the birth of a child.

In western Europe and the United States is widely practicedher husband's presence at birth. In the CIS countries are still many doctors believe that the medical staff to handle himself well and future fathers enough that they are like the windows of the hospital or sit in the hallway. Also, the old-fashioned thinking and many couples. But, childbirth and her husband, as the experience of other countries, we need not only a woman. Research by American scientists, the pope, who was given immediately after birth the baby in his arms, more and more actively involved in his care and education afterwards.

Do I need toher husband's presence at birth? This question is asked myself first of all expectant mothers.Childbirth with her husband important, especially for those women who want to get moral support and help from a loved one. After all, the best, qualified and friendly medical staff does not replace a loved and loving husband. By the way, some women may not trust doctors. Andher husband's presence at birth for them is a guarantee that the birth will take place naturally, without unnecessary medical intervention. It is no secret that there are times when doctors used without the need stimulation or vice versa, inhibit labor for reasons and for no reason.Childbirth with her husband is to ensure that actions will be monitored by doctors. Usually, when her husband medical staff behaves more sympathetically, leaves one woman in childbirth, more attentive to her complaints and wishes.

At the same time, many women do not want my husband to have seen them at times when they are unattractive - during labor, and any attempts screams. They hesitate to involuntary defecation, blood, placenta, cuts and seams. Such wives believe that men love them more when they are beautiful and well maintained. In such cases,her husband's presence at birth is not necessary. Dad gets the baby neat in white swaddling clothes and lace cap at discharge from hospital.

Sometimesher husband's presence at birth distracted wife. Some mothers believe that the husband can not actively participate in the labor that it interferes with physicians, and generally can faint. In this case, childbirth and her husband also do not need.

Many men refuse to attend the birth. And no matter what the reasons are not expressed, the main thing - they are afraid. And fear not only for his beloved wife and the future of the baby, but also for themselves. There are cases when the pope "turned to stone" from fear during labor, lost consciousness and themselves demanded attention of physicians.Her husband's presence at birth sometimes they are made helpless, scared of the unknown and the novelty of sensations. These dads are willing to many crazy things, to solve economic problems in preparing the apartment to meet his beloved wife and baby. But during birth, they become helpless. Do I need this man to be present at the birth of a child? Of course not.

Her husband's presence at birth is not seeing what is happening. This is a direct part of the family head. His help, support and attention. These are the words of love, analgesic massage, watching the actions of physicians. The future pope should prepare for joint delivery. It is necessary to pre-read professional literature, talk with other men who have experienced similar, talk with the doctors. Well as the whole family to discuss the need for their presence at birth. Thenchildbirth with her husband be justified for a woman, to strengthen the family and give the man a joyful sense of fatherhood. A woman once more to make sure that next to it a reliable partner, friend, lover, with whom you can share and difficulties and joys.

If during delivery man confused, you just need to ask the advice of doctors. His passivity can be annoying wife and be a hindrance. By the way, there are times when a man at the request of the doctors need to leave the maternity ward. This may be caused by an emergency operation.

Scientific studies have shown that many men who actively helped their wives during childbirth became more delicate, trembling husbands, good fathers responsible.Childbirth with her husband allowed women a different look at his companions. The family appeared more mutual respect, trust and gratitude to each other.

Her husband's presence at birth always strengthens the family, but it can affect the sex life. The man increased spiritual bond with his wife, but may fade away physical attraction. To avoid this, the husband is recommended to be at the bedside of his wife and watch how the very process of giving birth. This busy physicians. A husband can keep his wife's hand, saying sweet words of his beloved, to maintain emotionally, give confidence in a successful outcome. Sometimes doctors duringthe presence of her husband at birth put shirmochka to keep his nerves. Sometimes allow his father cut the umbilical cord.

After the birth of the baby, put it to her mother's chest. This is a very touching moment, the pope sees his beloved woman realizes - she's a mother. Once, my father let you watch as doctors wash their baby, shall be measured, checked reflexes, swaddled. And then, finally, pass on his hands. In some hospitals there is a family chamber in which the husband can live. He helps his half to take care of the baby, decides on vaccinations, registration of the child, other organizational matters.

Therefore, when a question of joint labor, do not just say, "No! "First, you need to listen to the views and experience of those who went throughchildbirth with her husband, Listen to the opinion of experts in courses for pregnant women, read the necessary literature, watch documentaries on the subject. Learn methods of pain relief during childbirth.

Each family must decide on their own how, where, under what conditions should be born of their baby. And whether you want to attend the Pope when he appeared - a purely personal matter. The main thing - that the child was born healthy and hardy, and grew up in a loving family strong.

 Tatiana Nikolaeva
Women's magazine JustLady

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