Cesarean section when there is a need ...

Cesarean section when there is a need ...
 The most awaited moment in the life of every pregnant woman - is the appearance of a baby into the world. Most moms are very responsible attitude to the upcoming birth process. Some attend special classes to prepare for this exciting event, others are looking for interesting information on the web sites, and others - remember the advice moms have become friends. But, unfortunately, not always woman's pregnancy ends with natural childbirth. There are a number of circumstances due to which the baby can be born by caesarean section.

If the mother's pelvis is too narrow, and the baby's head is large enough, there is a need for cesarean delivery. Accurately diagnose such indication for surgery is rarely possible before birth. Most often, the presence of traumatic pelvic disproportion can only suspect.

As a rule, a cesarean section is assigned to women, baby in the womb which is horizontally flipped "to the exit" legs or sitting next to him on the ass, and if the baby's head is turned in such a way that does not fall into the inlet of the pelvis.

The need for a cesarean section appears in the case when there is no progress has already begun delivery. Usually the question of surgical intervention is put after the active phase of labor, ie, after the disclosure of the uterus to 5cm.

The indications for cesarean section are some deviations in the normal development of the fetus revealed before the onset of labor. In addition, a cesarean section is assigned to women, whose previous child, received a disability or died during childbirth complications.

Caesarean section against women in the case where the umbilical cord descends into the cervix before the baby. The body of the baby as a result of this can pinch the cord, causing oxygen starvation of the fetus.

Often the cause of cesarean section may be partial or complete overlap of the placenta cervix.

During the third trimester of pregnancy or during labor may occur placental abruption. This situation is dangerous for the baby insufficient intake of oxygen in his body. The decision in the caesarean section affects the degree of placental abruption and fetal status.

Such diseases expectant mother as bronchial asthma, renal or heart failure, diabetes, myopia of more than 5 diopters, an indication for cesarean delivery.

Multiple pregnancies in most cases also results in cesarean section.

Caesarean section by experienced qualified professionals usually guarantees a favorable birth outcomes.

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