Anemia in pregnant women

 Anemia or anemia is characterized by a reduced content of hemoglobin in the blood. More often than not at the same time reducing the amount of hemoglobin of erythrocytes (red blood cells). The norm for women is considered a hemoglobin level of 120-160 g / L, and red blood cells - 3, 5-5 million / ml. Women suffering from anemia, in nine cases out of ten diagnosed anemia caused by iron deficiency. Its appearance is accompanied by various kinds of reasons.

For example, the body may not flow sufficiently iron or it may be poorly absorbed. Anyway, a day of the digestive tract of food takes no more than 2 mg of this element. 1 mg of iron excreted in the day in many ways. Thus, some of the stored substance, and the other is actively involved in various biochemical processes, maintaining balance. However, the mother bears a child, or even two, is not always enough iron, which is absorbed by her body, even if its food is rich in vitamins and trace elements. In the course are stocks, and when they are exhausted, anemia may occur.


Decrease in hemoglobin levels during pregnancy occurs even in healthy women. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy in the female body a number of different components of the blood increases to varying degrees. By increasing the volume of blood plasma as it is diluted, thus, the absolute content of red blood cells is maintained in the normal and specific - reduced. This phenomenon is known gidremiya and is not identical with the notion of anemia.

Causes of anemia

Trueanemia in pregnant women quite common nowadays. Digestive disorders and metabolic processes, in particular the absorption of iron, bleeding, placenta previa, toxemia, multiple pregnancy, chronic diseases are the causes of anemia. Winter and spring, when the food is poor in vitamins, can also become a true impetus for the development of iron deficiency.

As known in processes involved hematopoietic hormones. Androgens (male sex hormones) contribute to a better absorption of iron, estrogen (female) has been slowed down. Sometimes the girls in puberty observed anemia, which later turns intoanemia in pregnant women, treatment and identifying which occurs after diagnostic testing in early pregnancy.

That anemia that is caused by pregnancy, occurs much later and developed in the second half of the period.

Diagnosis of anemia in pregnant women, the symptoms

For some women, anemia may go completely unnoticed. However, others feel fully its unpleasant effects on the general state of manifest symptoms - shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness, which often turns into a swoon. Iron deficiency can lead to brittle nails, hair loss, cracks in the corners of the mouth. Often, anemic yellow leather palms, under the nose forming a triangle. Anemia also provokes involuntary bowel and bladder. Sometimes there is a desire to eat pregnant eraser, chalk, inhale noxious fumes. Particularly severe anemia involve symptoms such as heart failure, heart palpitations, the appearance of edema, reduction of pressure.

When the true blood anemia pregnant indicates the amount of hemoglobin of less than 110 g / l, serum iron less than 10 mmol / l, and color index no greater than 0, 95. depending on the content of hemoglobinanemia in pregnant women may be:
- Light 90-110 g / l;
- Moderate severity 80-89 g / l;
- Heavy less than 80 g / l.

Anemia in pregnancy: treatment

In pharmacies there is a huge amount of drugs containing iron. They are not harmful to the fetus, but not all drugs are equally useful for the expectant mother. In addition, these funds have different percentages of iron and all kinds of additives, which are not always favorably received by pregnant.

Ferrotserona side effects are indigestion and irregularities in the excretory system, so it is better not to use the tool. Ferrokal ferropleks softer and drugs used 2 tablets 2 to 4 times per day. Konferon has a larger proportion of iron, and can also cause dyspepsia receiving method - three times daily for one capsule. Ginotardiferon tardiferon and folic acid are used forprevention of anemia in pregnant women 1 tablet per day and 2 for treatment.

In addition to receiving the tablets and capsules, there intravenous preparations containing iron. This method is fraught with complications, and often gives unpleasant consequences up to the development of states of shock, abscess and so on. Generally, the doctor prescribes a drug to the intravenous administration when the patient malabsorption of iron, digestive tract diseases, vomiting.

If this is not preventive measures, and the trueanemia in pregnant women, treatment - A lengthy process. Hemoglobin begins to rise only after three weeks of dosing. And to a normal level it can be reduced only after the ninth week. However, well-being during treatment improves quickly. Therefore, a common mistake is the early termination of the treatment course immediately after the improvement. It should be remembered that in addition to pregnant women coming generations that involve blood loss, as well as breast-feeding.

Prevention of anemia

In most cases, the development ofanemia in pregnant can be anticipated. Those women who have transferred anemia, repeatedly giving birth, having a chronic illness or hemoglobin levels less than 120 g / l is especially arranged to iron deficiency anemia. They need to take preventive measures, so for 4-6 months with 15 weeks of pregnancy, they begin a special cure.

Delusions during treatment of anemia

For a favorable passage of pregnancy expectant mother must adhere to proper nutrition. Fruits, vegetables, herbs are required in the diet, but many people mistakenly believe that the mainstay in the diet have to do it on the vegetables "containing iron." In fact, for the treatment and prevention of anemia meat more importantly, as a percentage of iron, of which the body metabolizes meat products - is 6%, while the vegetables and fruits likely 0, 2%.

Dangerous misconception is that the meat after heat treatment becomes less valuable than raw. As a result, some do not disdain raw liver. It turns out, is not only not useful, but it can cause great harm to the health of the child and his mother. Raw meat, which some risk to diversify your diet may cause various diseases, including salmonellosis.

Another wrong decision can be a complete rejection of the tablets. Body perceives only 6% of available iron in food, drugs of can be obtained from 30 to 40%. Therefore, you should not neglect prescription drugs refusing treatment.

No sense trying to get rid of iron deficiency using antianemina, multivitamin preparations or copper. Perhaps these drugs and will benefit you, but from iron deficiency anemia will not be able to deliver.

 Tatiana Nikolaeva
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