What is macrobiotics

What is macrobiotics
 No wonder they say: "What we eat and we eat." Proper nutrition - it is one of the foundations of good health and longevity. Today it is very popular multiple systems, each of which has its own concept and rules. One such system - macrobiotics - raises questions not only healthy food, but also the principles of the philosophy of life.

Macrobiotics - quite popular today supply system, which has oriental roots. Initially it was used Zen Buddhist monasteries, and even in the works of Hippocrates mentioned macrobiotics. The concept of macrobiotics in its modern sense was developed by a Japanese doctor Sagen Itidzuka. At the end of the 19th century, he published his work devoted to the treatment through nutrition.

Subsequently, cured by this system from tuberculosis and several other ailments, a medical student from Japan George Ohsawa took the start on the distribution of macrobiotics the world. In the 60s, this system came up to the West, quickly acquiring followers of macrobiotics. Of course, require some adaptation to Western thinking.

The basis of the modern system of mikrobioticheskoy Eastern philosophy, which involves the principles of yin and yang balance, a balance between the external and internal environment of the human, between food of animal and vegetable, raw and heat-treated. At the same time it is not necessary to identify the followers mikrobiotiki with vegetarian or raw foodists. The system allows the use of meat, although it insists on some of the limitations (no more than 5% of the total daily diet).

Cereals mikrobioticheskoy supply system - the main and recommended to use the product. It cereals are considered the best option in mikrobiotike balance of beneficial to human body. Interestingly, for determining the usefulness or harmfulness of the product system offers chew it at least 30 times. If you change the taste of the product on more sugary and unnatural, it is desirable to give up, because it does not benefit the body. In mikrobiotike have special diets for people engaged in sports or physical labor, and for those whose work is intellectual orientation.

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