Treatments for herpes

Treatments for herpes
 It is still not created a drug that can completely cure herpes pathogen. So if you have this virus manifests periodically, for example, in the form of irritation on the lips, you need to know how to remove it symptoms as quickly as possible.
 There are two main ways to treat herpes - is to get rid of the symptoms of virus infection and vaccination. The most common first option.

When you are on the lip or skin redness and itching of the first brush with the appearance of the place of one of the herpes ointments for the occasion, such as acyclovir or Zovirax. If they are used during the first five days of the onset of stimulation, you have a chance to avoid the appearance of ulcers. Apply the cream to clean and dry the skin five times a day as long as the skin again becomes normal. You can also take drugs of similar names in the form of tablets. They help suppress the virus itself.

If the ulcer has already been formed, you can help valokordin. Smeared them a place of inflammation or three times a day. It is also possible to use such a plant juice as kalanchoe. His alcoholate sold in a pharmacy. Also this drug can be produced and independently by growing Kalanchoe as a houseplant. Then you can put the leaves to sores or scroll them through a meat grinder and lubricate get a lot of site of inflammation.

Try with manifestations of herpes strengthen the immune system. Drink vitamin-mineral complexes. Include in your diet more natural dairy products and fruits and vegetables.

Care with the area of ​​skin on which there was a plague virus. Do not try to tear formed crust. This can lead to wound infection Named to even the appearance of a scar at the site of a vanished ulcers.

In some cases, your doctor may recommend a vaccination against herpes virus. First, the therapy to enhance immunity, and then administered to the patient the drug through the destruction of the herpes virus. However, such treatment may or may not succeed.

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