How to improve vision at home

How to improve vision at home
 Vision may deteriorate for many reasons. This long-term work at the computer, and infectious diseases, and general fatigue. How to improve it at home?
 The first condition - it is proper nutrition. For sharp vision, first of all, need vitamin A. Its a lot of carrots, tomatoes, parsley and dill, as well as in conventional sunflower seeds.

Strengthen eye muscles (and the general tone of the body) will help vitamin C. It is traditionally a lot of currant, gooseberry, blueberry, cranberry, citrus, apples. If you can not afford to buy all year round berries and fruit, lack of ascorbic acid is not difficult to fill sauerkraut and onions. To remove eye fatigue and prevent cataracts useful and vitamin B2, which will support your body if you eat as often as possible and buckwheat porridge, leafy greens, peas.

Regular baths and compresses to the eye is also very helpful. Forget for a moment of strong tea. Compresses them leave in case of emergency, when the eyes already were exhausted. But contrast baths will be just right. Prepare two basin - one with a moderately hot, the other - with ice water. Alternately, immerse the person in hot, then cold water for a couple minutes.

Take two cotton pads. Moisten them first with hot water and apply for 2 minutes to the eyes. Remove, blink for a few seconds. Then - put them in a bowl of cold. Attach to your eyes for 1 minute and remove. Such compresses should be placed 3 times a day - morning, afternoon and evening.

Do not forget about gymnastics for the eyes. The most simple exercise: for one or two minutes then turn your eyes to the left, to the right until it stops. One more thing: narrow eyes, and then they open wide. Repeat this exercise should be at least 50 times, making small breaks after every dozen.

If you feel tired, take a stand, and then lying a few relaxation exercises with your eyes closed. Lie down a bit, trying to breathe as evenly as possible, then slowly stand up.

If the eyes are sore for a long time, consult an ophthalmologist to determine the cause of vision problems.

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