How to cope with a toothache

How to cope with a toothache
 Acute toothache causes not climb the wall even very patient people. It can occur at any time and in any place, so do not always have the opportunity to immediately seek help from a dentist. How can reduce or eliminate pain before a visit to the doctor?
 Strong pain will pass, if the tooth rinse with salt water, which reduces the sensitivity of dentin tissue (1 teaspoon per cup of warm water). Decoctions of sage, chamomile have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, they also facilitate your suffering.

If the pain is unbearable, please ketarol, Nise, something else nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory of the discharge. And do not pull a trip to the dentist: these drugs relieve pain quickly, but only symptomatically. And they reduce the effectiveness of anesthetics, so if you have to treat tooth local anesthesia, keep this in mind.

Note the clove and pine oil. Cotton wool soaked with oil, you have 15 minutes to make, first to one side of the problem tooth, then to the other. You can use validolom: grind it, diluted with water and get Kosice put on the tooth. Pretty soon, the pain subsides.

Area of ​​hands at the meeting point of the index finger and thumb associated with dental nerve endings. Try actively massaging this place (better - ice cube) for about five minutes. We must act on the hand that is on the opposite side of the patient's tooth.

Glotnu vodka or diluted alcohol and hold it over the tooth for some time. Alcohol is absorbed into the gums, sore tooth is numb. Remains of vodka have to spit it out. If any means, relieves pain, is not at hand, press your finger on the intensive acupuncture point - the hollow between the lips and nose.

If you caught the pain away from home, in the field, find the root of plantain, Wash off the ground and attach to the tooth - relief must come in half an hour. Help and garlic, cut, wrapped in cloth and tied firmly to the wrist (in the heart) from the patient's tooth.

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