How often should I visit in mammalogy, and why?

How often should I visit in mammalogy, and why?
 The female breast has always been a subject of admiration, as symbolized not only the female beauty, but also the useful functions it performs - milk production for a newborn human. Most women complexes are connected with the breast, or rather its size, indicating that it is considered an attribute of the chest of a real woman - beauty and homemaker.
 The first contact with a woman mammologists occurs even during puberty, as it is at this time begins active growth of breast and unstable hormones can trigger the formation of any atypical forms of cells. In adolescence, inspection is mandatory, then annually girl should visit the doctor alone. Unfortunately, very often it does not happen, which is why there is a high incidence among young people.

Frequency of consultation specialist mammalogy determined on an individual basis, as it depends on many factors. First of all, it's heredity, existing disease of the breast, the woman's age, number of pregnancies, gynecological pathologies and even the intensity of sexual life.

The most common reason for seeking medical attention is the emergence of pain, indicating that the rapid progression of the disease, but to recognize the first signs of the disease and a woman can own. According to generally accepted recommendations, the girl first puberty are required to attend mammalogy not less frequently than once a year. In the event that was diagnosed breast - it at least twice a year. It also applies to cases of having diseases of the breast in close relatives, as the probability of having a disease in families is quite high.

Women after 30 years and during menopause should carefully monitor their health and conduct regular self-scanning state of the mammary glands. Learn to do it correctly can the doctor, after which it is desirable to inspect at least once a month.

When diagnosing the slightest change in the structure of breast tumors, changes in breast size or shape should seek immediate medical attention, as only the timely initiation of treatment ensures its success. In the early stages of most diseases is quite possible to solve the problem without surgery, but the postponement of the visit to the doctor can lead to irreversible consequences.

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