Zinc guard health: micronutrients in the fight against flu

Zinc guard health: micronutrients in the fight against flu
 Winter, which has an unpleasant feature creep up unnoticed, brings with it not only the ice, traffic jams and cold in public transport. It was at this time begin a flu epidemic and endemic cold. If you want to protect yourself and loved ones from dangerous virus, you need to prepare in advance.
 It's no secret that vitamins and minerals to enhance the overall tone of the body and help it to overcome stress, fatigue and fight disease. If you still think that in the first place in the fight against colds and flu stands the famous vitamin C, it is time to reconsider their views on treatment. Recent research scientists have shown that the use of zinc is much more effective.

Studies so far only experimental and carried out on people who do not suffer from any chronic illness, but the result gives us confidence that the positive effects on the body and increase its level of resistance to colds zinc has. Two groups of subjects were invited to take a few weeks, the solution containing zinc, and pacifiers. Upon completion of the experiment, the group that was given the zinc level of colds and flu was significantly lower than the control. Moreover, among people already infected with the flu, the symptoms were twice as faster and were less severe.

Now many drugs against influenza and colds contain zinc or its compounds. It is proved that these compounds are inhibitors of influenza virus by blocking them in the throat and nose, and thereby reducing the symptoms of the common cold with a very high speed. For those who are not infected with a virus, but simply have weakened immune systems, such drugs are shown as a prophylactic.

But do not run to the pharmacy, sweeping away everything zinc supplements, and swallow them in unlimited quantities. Those studies revealed and side effects of zinc therapy - the subjects observed nausea and vomiting, and loss of taste and appetite. Since zinc is a trace element, its amount in the body must be very small and any drug dose must be calculated very accurately physician.

Nevertheless, buy vitamin-mineral complexes containing zinc and its compounds are not only possible, but necessary. As security for the amount he would have no negative impact, and the effect of its use will be obligatory. After all, if you care about your health and do not want to hurt either the fall or winter, you certainly need to strengthen the immune system and support the body's defenses.

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