What is tomography

What is tomography
 The term "imaging" is translated from the Greek as "image slice." As a result of her diagnostician gets cross-sectional images of the internal structure of the object.
 The most common modern methods of this type of research are nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) and X-ray computer tomography (MCT). They are allowed to make the procedure safer detection of pathology and informative. Modern medicine can not do without these methods, each of them has its advantages. Before the appointment of examination, the doctor must decide which of these methods tomography reveal itself as the most-useful in this situation.

Indications for imaging very wide. It proved to be very valuable in pulmonology, as it allows to define a cavity decay in tumors, hilar lymph nodes. Tomographic study allows us to study the structure of the larynx, sinuses, to get a detailed picture of the spine, etc.

Do you need exactly this diagnostic procedure to decide only your doctor. He also issued and the direction of the passage of a certain type of imaging any body or department.

MRI diagnosis is absolutely painless and poses no risk to the health of the patient. Its duration varies from 30 to 60 minutes. Be prepared for the fact that you may be asked to wear a special hospital gown. Also, you can put a dropper for administering the correct medication at the time of MRI diagnostics.

If you are afraid of staying in a confined space, before tomography talk to your doctor. He may prescribe you a relaxing drugs. Prior to the survey there are no restrictions on food intake and medication.

Directly during the procedure you will be asked to lie down on the table, which is located in the middle of a long device, resembling a pipe. Your body is inside the device, wherein the side walls can be opened. During the MRI patient must lie still. To contact the person subject to the medical staff in this compartment is present speaker, through which you can inform your doctor about all your feelings.

If the unit will emit a loud knock, you will be given earplugs. In some centers, patients at this time listening to music.

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