What is osteochondrosis

What is osteochondrosis
 Osteochondrosis - frequent disease, which is associated with metabolic abnormalities in the spine. Most often affects the intervertebral discs and the seventh cervical vertebra. So what is really low back pain and how to treat it?
 Osteochondrosis can be described as the rapid aging of the spine or a disease affecting the intervertebral discs. Just a few decades ago, osteochondrosis at a young age was a rarity. But at this point of time the disease is diagnosed every third teenager. The causes are many, one of the main - a sedentary lifestyle and activities. There is a misconception that the fall in osteochondrosis intervertebral discs and deposited salts, this is absolutely not the case. The only thing that happens - grow osteophytes, ie the vertebrae are formed boundary expansion, so that the spine is deformed.

Also can provoke osteochondrosis: improper distribution of load on the spine, trauma (broken vertebrae), stoop, weakened back muscles, prolonged retention uncomfortable posture or lifting and carrying heavy objects. But, unfortunately, low back pain can occur even in athletes. Its development results in a metabolic disorder, lack of vitamins and trace elements. A significant role in this play and genetic predisposition.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis

 Pain in the back and neck - the main sign of the presence of degenerative disc disease. Everything depends on the location of the damage of the intervertebral discs, thus may hurt his shoulder, neck, back, arm and even the chest. People often err on the heart, but in fact it pinched nerve as a result of osteoarthritis. Also, the person feels numb some groups of muscles and strain. If osteochondrosis squeezed the blood vessels that nourish the brain, a headache, the mind in the ears, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, diplopia.

Treatment of osteoarthritis

Diagnosis of the disease begins primarily with the analysis, because the symptoms are similar to the inflammatory and neoplastic processes of the body. X-rays does not give one hundred percent reliable diagnosis, but it gives an opportunity to serve his refutation or confirmation. Tomogram can give the doctor a complete picture of the location and the presence of vertebral hernia, resulting in osteoarthritis.

The treatment of each patient is assigned a strictly individual, depending on the severity and course of the disease. By the treatment of degenerative disc disease should be approached comprehensively. This massage, and receive pain medication and physiotherapy, and lifestyle changes. In advanced and severe cases, surgery is appointed.

Prevention of degenerative disc disease

To prevent the disease, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

- Conduct prompt correction of spinal curvature in childhood, watch posture;
- Fight obesity;
- Exercise, it will give you the opportunity to form a muscular corset;
- Stick to the diet, include in the diet foods rich in magnesium and calcium (seafood and fish, spinach, sprouts, nuts and seeds, fresh milk and vegetables), as well as the whole set of vitamins;
- Distribute the load on both hands when carrying heavy loads. Lifting weights with your legs and not the spine;
- Often hang on the bar, so you will not only strengthen the hands, but also pull the spine.

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