What is cellulite underwear

What is cellulite underwear
 In the fight against "orange peel" anti-cellulite women wear trousers, breeches, etc. This innovation helps them eliminate ugly effect that occurs when a sedentary lifestyle because they do not have enough willpower or time for regular exercise and massage courses. It is about them thinking producers when inventing anti-cellulite underwear.

Modern ladies want to get the effect without special efforts, using the latest technology. Of course, the best tools to help in the fight against cellulite - this exercise, a balanced diet, a visit to the massage. Manufacturers insist that the materials used, though different, but the principle of operation is the same.

The name itself already says that the main advantage is the use of anti-cellulite underwear high-tech three-layer material that creates the effect of heat. For example, the top layer of linen Spanish firm TurboCell, made of elastic fabric with lycra, which promotes easy compression effect, tightens the thighs, buttocks, stomach and prevents edema.

Then there is a natural rubber latex which creates a sauna effect, impact on the structure of body fat and improves the circulation of lymph and blood. It allows the skin to breathe and helps to remove excess fluid and toxins.

Finally, the inner layer, made of 100% cotton for a comfortable use of anti-cellulite underwear. It provides a hygienic, because absorbs all the toxins that come out of the heat and massage the skin. Thanks to him almost no allergic manifestations.

If we compare with the body wrap, which requires a lot of time, then this underwear is worn under a spacious skirt and pants worn all day, because almost invisible under clothing.

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