What is AIDS

What is AIDS
 How many myths and rumors associated with such a terrible and incomprehensible disease like AIDS. Some say it is incurable. Others believe that such a disease and not at all, that is the work of pharmaceutical companies and doctors' plot. However, there is also the acronym AIDS stands for certain serious human diseases.
 AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) was first described in 1981. After 2 years, the virus has been detected (HIV) that causes the disease. In the early stages it does not manifest itself, but acts destructively on the human immune system. As a result, the body can not fight with any disease, even a simple cold can be deadly.

The symptoms in the early stages of the disease include headache, fatigue, sudden weight loss wanton by 10% and more prolonged diarrhea, chronic cough lasting more than a month, lingering pneumonia, lymphoma, brain, dementia in previously healthy people. Also increases the risk of developing malignancies.

These people are sick, but do not yet know about it. They can even take courses of treatment for various diseases, not knowing that these are all signs of AIDS. At any moment can happen impetus for the further development of the disease. Scientists suggest that infected but not yet identified, people are 50-100 times greater than with an established diagnosis. For the diagnosis of AIDS should be analyzed for the detection of HIV antigen, detection of antibodies to HIV and virus isolation.

The most basic way to prevent AIDS is to minimize risk factors. In the absence of a regular sexual partner and frequent change of their regular diagnosis. When any kind of sex you need to use a condom. Practice good hygiene: Do not share razors, blades, needles, syringes should only be disposable.

At the present stage of development of medicine can not be a complete cure. The vaccine has not yet been found. Taking antiretroviral drugs slow down the course of the disease and reduce mortality. Drugs inhibit the replication of the virus immunodeficiency, adjust the immune system and treat comorbidities.

AIDS - is not only a medical condition, it is also a social and psychological problems. Hard to the disease are themselves ill, and people around them. The patient can turn into a real outcast because there preconceived opinions that are infected with AIDS only prostitutes, drug addicts and homosexuals.

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