Well sit still?

Well sit still?
 With the development of technology mankind has passed to a sedentary lifestyle. We're sitting at work, sitting in the car on the way home, sitting at home on the computer. Even to talk to each other or see now is not necessarily going to visit, because you can simply dial a phone number or go online. But actually sit, and even more so to do it all the time, very harmful.

When you sit still all day, it adversely affects the general circulation of the body. As you know, the heart pumps blood throughout the body: to hands and feet, and then back again. So, due to the fact that the lower part of your torso constantly bent and does not move, blood and lymph circulation in a small circle begin to move slowly. Hence issues such as evening edema in the legs, varicose veins, pain and cramps, as well as cellulite.

The fact that the movement of the leg muscles just contribute to a more rapid flow of blood saturation of small capillaries and the free circulation of lymphatic fluid. But if a person constantly sits, fluid stagnates in the legs, making them heavy. The pressure of blood in the capillaries is amplified hundreds of times, many of them simply do not stand up and burst. Hence minor cosmetic defects. If the burst larger veins on the legs and swelling occur terrific varicose veins blue, get rid of that is possible only with the help of surgery. So if you want to save the youth and beauty of their legs, move more, and let them load during the working day.

The second significant problem associated with a sedentary lifestyle - a disease of the spine. This low back pain, sciatica and curvature. If you are sitting correctly, much grimacing or elbows on the table, your spine will soon surely will have an effect. Spin while sitting at the table should be straight, otherwise the load on it is unevenly distributed and pains begin. Such an unpleasant thing as low back pain, also occurs as a result of congestion and improper load distribution. Keep in mind that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Take care that you feel most comfortable and do not bend - it is very harmful.

Everyone is familiar with such a nuisance as constipation. But few people know that a sedentary lifestyle largely contributes to this problem. And all because of that unfortunate lack of movement. When the person is actively moved, internal organs as well come in small rhythmic movement, which ensures their proper operation. In particular, the effect on intestinal peristalsis. But if you sit still, no movement takes place, and the intestine becomes sluggish and sleepy. Result - constipation. By the way, obesity and overweight are also just a problem of people who sit a lot and move a little. Muscles lose elasticity, because they do not need a lot of work especially increases tummy and hips from the constant fullness of blood and lymph become more loose and dryableyut.

Do you still want to sit during lunch break? And it may be better to walk down the street or enroll in a gym near your house? Remember one thing: the movement - this is the best cure for all problems. Do not sit all day, move more.

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