We help our ... pitmotsy

We help our ... pitmotsy
 The beneficial effects of animals on human health, well-known for a long time, now confirmed by numerous studies. Zootherapy as a treatment for many diseases, is gradually becoming popular worldwide.

Fluffy doctors in our house

Australian scientists have noticed that communication with pets reduces cholesterol in the blood, and the British have revealed an interesting fact: children do better in school, grow healthier, have a normal mind and the immune system, as well as developing a sense of responsibility, if the house has pets . According to the results of tests, the animals have the greatest impact on the 5-8 year old children. The mechanisms of this influence has not yet been studied: one refers to the work of bio-energy rhythms of the brain, the other - on the aura.

It all began in the late 18th century in England, where the animals began to "cure" patients in psychiatric hospitals. Today in Scandinavia widespread "horse" therapy, in Israel children - disabled rehabilitated with the help of dolphins. Animals are trained specifically for zootherapy, and even in the United States, there are special companies, preparing dogs doctors.

A beneficial effect on human and able to provide a completely normal animals. Domestic cat will help lower your blood pressure, cure headaches, promotes rapid healing of injuries, fatigue and stress, relieves insomnia. In addition, furry pets help people with serious mental illness, heart disease and brain damage. It is believed that each breed of cats is intended for the treatment of a specific disease that the "girls" better treat diseases of the nervous system and internal organs, and the "boys" - low back pain, sciatica and arthritis. The cat's purr, creating vibrations at a frequency of 22-44 Hz, according to the research of scientists from North Carolina, accelerates cell regeneration.

Observation of the fish in the aquarium can help relieve stress to people suffering from neurosis and depression, a feeling of joy and prosperity. Community rodent positive effect on insecure people, helping them to overcome complexes, isolation and fear of the audience. White rats are great healers of neuroses, and hamsters, mice, and rabbits - joint diseases.

Dogs are able to cure the arrhythmia, peptic ulcer disease, chronic bronchitis, heart failure and osteochondrosis. Four-legged friends also remove PIS, normalize blood pressure and help you recover from a stroke and promote weight loss.

Birds are completely changing its owner, making it joyous, increasing efficiency and creativity. Canary their songs will remove tension, soothe the nerves and improve the mood. Budgies ease pain in the heart, while larger birds are unsurpassed doctors stuttering, skin disorders and neuroses.

Reptiles help strengthen the nervous system, relieve epilepsy and neurodermatitis, they are indispensable in the treatment of neurasthenia, chronic pneumonia and congenital dementia.

When spinal injuries, arthritis and paralysis of the legs are indispensable horses, their motion causes the vestibular system function and muscle man. Horseback riding also help with mental disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, prompting interest in the life of the terminally ill people.

Dolphins are unsurpassed by doctors in autism, mental retardation, brain injury and spinal cord. Communicate with them calms, improves emotional state and relieves stress.

Anyone without worrying about the possible consequences, can check for yourself the effectiveness of such a natural and painless procedure, as zootherapy.

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