Treatment and prevention of diseases of nails of hands and feet

Treatment and prevention of diseases of nails of hands and feet
 Beautiful and well-groomed nails always attract attention. To achieve this easy, as long as they are healthy. Diseases of the nails cause some discomfort, cause embarrassment. We have to hide your hands, wear closed shoes, stop using the subscription in the pool or sauna services.

Eat more foods containing calcium. This element is essential, and not only the effect on the bone structure of the body, but also on the hair and nails. Eat cheese, cottage cheese, dairy products, nuts.

One of the main enemies of the health of nails is a fungus. Immediately notice its appearance is quite difficult. We pay attention to him when he had struck the nail plate on the hands or feet. Here are required to take certain measures and the sooner treatment begins, the better.

Consult a physician. It will be necessary to pass certain tests. Rather many fungal species, as well as to treat them. Determine which struck your nails and pick the correct medication can only a qualified dermatologist. Engage in self pointless, because it can only increase the time to combat a fungus and not reaching the desired result of recovery.

Treat your nails. Pay more attention to the prevention of fungal diseases. These rules are known to all, however, we often neglect them. In the pool, bath, walk on the beach only rubber slippers. Do not wear and not wear someone else's shoes, every day to change socks and tights. After a bath or shower thoroughly wipe the feet, especially between the folds of his fingers.

If you have visited this nasty disease, do not try to cosmetically hide it. It is not necessary to cut and rasp the affected areas only for such purposes. Although the nail and get healthy appearance, but the disease is the impact will not have.

Do not wear narrow shoes conducive to injury nails and skin. Choose socks made of natural and breathable fabrics to keep your feet sweat less, and thereby create a favorable environment for the development of moisture and germs.

Before nail polishing, apply a coat of varnish base. This will prevent discoloration of the nail, which can also be triggered by a deterioration of general health, smoking and anemia.

Care with nail files. Careless use can damage the nail plate, lead to the formation of cracks, scratches and burrs.

Do not cut your nails too short and clipped their strong sides. This will save you from the problems of ingrown nail, which in addition to aesthetically ugly form, causing painful discomfort.

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